Custom Work Hoodies That Combine Style & Safety

Custom Work Hoodies

Workers who spend extended time outdoors in challenging weather conditions need to wear warm layers, such as work hoodies, to stay comfortable and safe. Custom work hoodies are lightweight outerwear designed to keep workers in industries such as construction, oil and gas, and forestry looking professional while also staying warm, comfortable, and safe on the … Read more

10 Security Awareness Giveaways to Promote Cybersecurity

Security Awareness Giveaways

Updated October 2023 Corporate IT departments across the country are gearing up for a whole month of security awareness training modules and phishing email tests for employees and security awareness giveaways will help them keep workers engaged in the training. Cybersecurity Awareness Month is held annually in October. According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security … Read more

Branded PPE – Custom Personal Protective Equipment for the Workplace

Online Company Store for Employees - Branded PPE

Did you know? Most protective clothing, work gloves, safety glasses, and respiratory protection can be customized to feature your company logo and other branding elements such as slogans or taglines.  Branded PPE (aka customized PPE) promotes professionalism and advertises your brand, while keeping your workers safe and comfortable. Branded PPE is increasingly utilized by construction … Read more

10 Fall Giveaway Ideas for Awesome Autumn Promotions

Fall Giveaway Ideas

Updated August 2023 Autumn is America’s favorite season. That makes it a great time for fall giveaway ideas to promote your brand. Fall-themed giveaways let consumers associate your brand with all the fun and festivities of the autumn season – from warm apple cider and cozy sweaters to corn mazes and hayrides. Research indicates that … Read more

Custom Work Jackets and Workwear Coats: Safety Buyer’s Guide

Safety Team Shirts and Jackets

Custom work jackets and coats are a useful form of protective outerwear for construction workers, lineworkers, and anyone else who works outside. They are specifically designed to withstand tough weather conditions, frequent use, and rugged work environments. To help promote your company and make it easy to identify workers on a job site, many work … Read more

Festival Giveaways – 25 Event Swag Ideas for Summer & Fall

Festival Giveaways

Updated August 2023 Music and cultural festivals are undoubtedly good for the human spirit. In fact, research indicates that attending a festival can make you feel more connected to humanity and more willing to help strangers for at least six months afterwards. Outdoor festivals, fairs, and other community events also provide a remarkable opportunity for brands … Read more

Construction Swag: 25 Giveaway Ideas for Construction Workers & Contractors

Construction Swag giveaways

Looking for the best construction giveaways and construction company swag? Tired of giving out hard hat stress balls, custom tape measures, and engraved carpenter pencils year after year? Check out our selection below of the best premium giveaway ideas for construction trade shows – quality customizable items that are useful, well-made, and widely appealing. These … Read more

Startup Swag Ideas + 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making

Startup Swag

Giving away branded apparel and promotional products (aka swag) to potential customers and early adopters is a cost-effective way to promote a growing startup or small business. Startup swag can be used to achieve key marketing objectives such as acquiring new customers, introducing a brand, or increasing customer loyalty and retention. Because promotional products are … Read more

8 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for Remote Employees

Reward and Recognition Programs - Employee Appreciation Day

More and more businesses are searching for great Employee Appreciation Day ideas for remote employees. That’s because the percentage of the labor force who primarily work from home tripled between 2019 and 2021. According to research from Zippia, 26% of U.S. employees now work remotely and 16% of U.S. companies are fully remote. While remote … Read more

How to Improve Employer Branding and Employee Social Media Advocacy

How to Improve Employer Branding

Multinational corporations and small businesses alike want to know how to improve employer branding. After all, a company’s reputation as an employer plays a crucial role in employee recruitment and retention. Employment branding aka employer branding was defined by Dr. John Sullivan in 2004 as “a targeted, long-term strategy to manage the awareness and perceptions … Read more