Understanding the Basics of Arc Rated Clothing: A Comprehensive Guide to Arc Flash Apparel

arc flash apparel

Arc flash apparel suits, specifically designed to protect against the hazards of arc flash incidents, were first introduced in the late 1980s. According to Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, “Most were made from double-layer 6 oz/yd2 NOMEX® and used polycarbonate (plastic) windows.” Arc testing of clothing and PPE began in 1996. Since then, arc rated … Read more

The Importance of PPE in Protecting Against Arc Flash Hazards

Arc Flash PPE

Arc flash events are one of the most serious and potentially fatal hazards faced by electricians and other tradespeople who work with or near energized electrical equipment and components. Arc flash accidents can result in life-altering injuries (including hearing loss, eye damage or blindness, lung damage, nerve damage, cardiac arrest, and severe disfiguring burns), as … Read more

Custom Work Hoodies That Combine Style & Safety

Custom Work Hoodies

Workers who spend extended time outdoors in challenging weather conditions need to wear warm layers, such as work hoodies, to stay comfortable and safe. Custom work hoodies are lightweight outerwear designed to keep workers in industries such as construction, oil and gas, and forestry looking professional while also staying warm, comfortable, and safe on the … Read more

Ready-Made PPE Kits & Custom PPE Kits for At-Risk Workers

Construction Company Shirt Ideas - PPE Kits

For workers in a variety of industries (including healthcare, pharmaceutical, construction, oil and gas, welding and metal working, and manufacturing) serious or even fatal injuries and illnesses may result from contact with chemical, radiological, electrical, physical, and mechanical workplace hazards. PPE kits make it easy for at-risk workers to access all the personal protective equipment … Read more

Safety Team Shirts – Workplace Safety T-Shirt Design Ideas & Slogans

safety team shirts t-shirt design ideas

Safety teams are crucial for companies that want to build a culture of safety in the workplace that can help reduce job site accidents and incidents. According to the National Safety Council, safety teams help demonstrate how much an organization values the health and safety of its workers. Empowered safety teams have many important tasks, … Read more

Branded PPE – Custom Personal Protective Equipment for the Workplace

Online Company Store for Employees - Branded PPE

Did you know? Most protective clothing, work gloves, safety glasses, and respiratory protection can be customized to feature your company logo and other branding elements such as slogans or taglines.  Branded PPE (aka customized PPE) promotes professionalism and advertises your brand, while keeping your workers safe and comfortable. Branded PPE is increasingly utilized by construction … Read more

Electrical PPE – Streamline Procurement of FR & Arc Flash Clothing, Safety Gear

Electrical PPE - Company Safety Store

Utility companies, power co-ops, renewable energy businesses, and electrical contractors need a constant supply of electrical PPE, including customized FR and arc flash clothing, and other safety products to mitigate risks and maintain a safe working environment. For larger companies operating in industrial sectors, procurement technology tools can help their safety and procurement managers streamline … Read more

Custom Work Jackets and Workwear Coats: Safety Buyer’s Guide

Safety Team Shirts and Jackets

Custom work jackets and coats are a useful form of protective outerwear for construction workers, lineworkers, and anyone else who works outside. They are specifically designed to withstand tough weather conditions, frequent use, and rugged work environments. To help promote your company and make it easy to identify workers on a job site, many work … Read more

Safety Awards, Rewards & Incentives for Building Strong Safety Culture

Reward and Recognition Programs for Safety

A safety incentive program that include safety awards, aka safety recognition and rewards program, encourages employees to adhere to safety standards and regulations in the workplace. These programs offer recognition (such as praise and formal awards) and rewards (like gift cards and company swag) to employees who demonstrate safe behavior, such as hazard reporting or … Read more

Safety Gifts & Promotional Items for National Safety Month

safety gifts & safety promotional items

Many U.S. industrial, manufacturing, and construction companies observe National Safety Month in June. National Safety Month is an ideal time to use safety gifts to promote safety awareness in the workplace and advertise a business’s commitment to health and safety on social media and in local or industry press. As we wrap up National #Safety … Read more