How to Improve Employer Branding and Employee Social Media Advocacy

How to Improve Employer Branding

Multinational corporations and small businesses alike want to know how to improve employer branding. After all, a company’s reputation as an employer plays a crucial role in employee recruitment and retention. Employment branding aka employer branding was defined by Dr. John Sullivan in 2004 as “a targeted, long-term strategy to manage the awareness and perceptions … Read more

8 Employee Welcome Kit Ideas for New Hires in 2022

employee welcome kits for new hires

Employee welcome kits are increasingly popular with large corporations and small businesses alike. An effective employee welcome kit for 2022 will help make your new hires and summer interns feel like a part of the team from day 1. We’ve put together a guide to building and customizing the best employee welcome kits – including … Read more

Recruitment Gifts and Company Swag Improve Employee Hiring and Retention

Recruitment Gifts Improves Hiring

Savvy businesses understand that promotional products can help increase brand awareness and improve customer loyalty and consumer engagement. They also know that promotional products go a long way towards helping motivate and retain a talented, highly productive workforce. Branded company swag like apparel and accessories, office items, and tech products have been proven to be … Read more

Creating the Best New Hire Kit for your Employees

creating the best hire kits for employees

When it comes to creating a new hire kit, it’s important to keep these three things in mind. Understand what your future employees would want Creative products that stay on-brand Easy pain-free process Following these steps will help you build an awesome new hire kit that will wow new employees and definitely make your current … Read more