Retro Promotional Items for Nostalgia Marketing Campaigns

Retro Promotional Items for Nostalgia Marketing Campaigns

Updated August 2023 Nostalgia marketing is an increasingly popular way for consumer goods brands and luxury heritage brands to breathe new life into familiar offerings and leave a lasting impression on consumers. Years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, well-known brands like A&W, Minute Maid, and Quiznos are still using retro promotional items and vintage-inspired branding … Read more

10 Fall Giveaway Ideas for Awesome Autumn Promotions

Fall Giveaway Ideas

Updated August 2023 Autumn is America’s favorite season. That makes it a great time for fall giveaway ideas to promote your brand. Fall-themed giveaways let consumers associate your brand with all the fun and festivities of the autumn season – from warm apple cider and cozy sweaters to corn mazes and hayrides. Research indicates that … Read more

Custom Work Jackets and Workwear Coats: Safety Buyer’s Guide

custom work jackets

Custom work jackets and coats are a useful form of protective outerwear for construction workers, lineworkers, and anyone else who works outside. They are specifically designed to withstand tough weather conditions, frequent use, and rugged work environments. To help promote your company and make it easy to identify workers on a job site, many work … Read more

Festival Giveaways – 25 Event Swag Ideas for Summer & Fall

Festival Giveaways

Updated August 2023 Music and cultural festivals are undoubtedly good for the human spirit. In fact, research indicates that attending a festival can make you feel more connected to humanity and more willing to help strangers for at least six months afterwards. Outdoor festivals, fairs, and other community events also provide a remarkable opportunity for brands … Read more

10 Popular Tech Gifts to Stock in your Company Merch Store

Tech Gifts to Stock

When it comes figuring out what to stock in your company merch store, it’s important to consider a wide range of products beyond branded apparel and accessories. Custom tech gadgets are one of the most popular types of branded merchandise for company merch stores. That’s because technology products like portable Bluetooth speakers and wireless chargers … Read more

Construction Swag: 25 Giveaway Ideas for Construction Workers & Contractors

Construction Swag giveaways

Looking for the best construction giveaways and construction company swag? Tired of giving out hard hat stress balls, custom tape measures, and engraved carpenter pencils year after year? Check out our selection below of the best premium giveaway ideas for construction trade shows – quality customizable items that are useful, well-made, and widely appealing. These … Read more

Construction Promotional Items: Build Brand Awareness & Cement Brand Loyalty

Promotional Product Uses - Construction

Updated June 2023 Promotional products play a valuable role in the construction industry by serving as effective marketing tools that build brand awareness.  Companies in the construction industry – including contractors, building material suppliers, and heavy equipment rental companies – frequently use promotional products to increase brand recognition and loyalty. In fact, the construction industry … Read more

13 Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways

13 Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways 1

Updated June 2023 Unique promotional items for creative giveaways are a great way to help your company stand out in a crowd, so we compiled a list of some of our favorite outside-the-box ideas for inspired branded gifts. Our top selections consist of clever designs that are both functional and fun and can be customized … Read more

36 Trade Show Promotional Items to Help Your Booth Stand Out

36 Trade Show Promotional Items to Help Your Booth Stand Out

Trade shows are an ideal time to gain brand exposure and generate new sales leads. Trade show promotional items are a cost-effective advertising tool that can help attract more booth traffic and drive brand awareness. The most effective promotional items for trade shows, conferences, and other business events have three key attributes in common: To … Read more

Summer Swag Ideas – 35 Branded Corporate Gifts for Summertime Giveaways & Events

summer swag ideas from metron branding

Updated May 2023 It’s nearly summertime – which means marketing departments are putting the finishing touches on summer promotional giveaways. Office staff are busy planning company outings like outdoor corporate team-building events, company picnics and even charity golf tournaments. June-August is also an ideal time for brand promotion at business and community events including summer … Read more