Custom Work Hoodies That Combine Style & Safety

Workers who spend extended time outdoors in challenging weather conditions need to wear warm layers, such as work hoodies, to stay comfortable and safe.

Custom work hoodies are lightweight outerwear designed to keep workers in industries such as construction, oil and gas, and forestry looking professional while also staying warm, comfortable, and safe on the job. Because custom work hoodies are embroidered or screen printed with a company logo and colors, they can help promote professionalism among workers. Work hoodies with logo also make it easier to identify your crew on multi-contractor job sites.

Before you can select the best work hoodie with logo for your business, you’ll need to understand which fabrics and design features will keep your workers comfortable and protected on the job.

Custom Work Hoodies: Technical Features, Styles & Sizes

Custom work hoodies feature durable, heavy-duty fabrics designed to withstand the wear and tear associated with physical labor. Hooded sweatshirts are often made from midweight or heavyweight cotton, durable cotton and polyester blends, or specialized flame-resistant fabrics like Nomex fleece. Most work hoodies feature an ergonomic design that allows for unrestricted movement, so your workers can perform physical tasks with comfort and precision. Work hoodies are typically designed with large, adjustable hoods that can fit over standard-size hard hats or helmets. They also typically feature tagless labels for increased safety.

Custom work hoodies may feature reinforced stitching to improve durability; water-repellent finish to provide protection against rain; thermal insulation to retain body heat; and reflective elements or strips to enhance visibility in low-light conditions or near roadways.

Depending upon your work environment, you may want to purchase a customizable work hoodie with additional features for added functionality such as interior cellphone pockets and rib knit waistband and cuffs, which offer more durability and prevents fabric from riding up while reaching or bending.

Both pullover hoodie and zipper hooded sweatshirt (aka zip up hoodie) designs are available for customization with a company logo or other branding design. Work hoodies for men, women’s work hoodies, and unisex work hoodies are available in a variety of sizes (including extra small sizes, tall sizes, and extra large sizes up to 4XL) to accommodate all types of workers. Some brands even offer custom sizing to ensure a perfect fit.

Some of the best work hoodies with logo available include:

Custom Heavy Duty Work Hoodies by Carhartt

Add your company logo to heavy duty Carhartt work hoodies for men and women to create stylish premium team gifts that your entire crew will love. Carhartt hoodies are known for their durability, comfort, and classic no-fuss style. Available in midweight or heavyweight cotton/poly blends, as well as water repellent and flame-resistant fabrics, custom Carhartt hoodies can be embroidered or screen printed with your company logo or other design elements.

Custom Work Hoodies - Carhartt

Water Resistant Hoodies with Logo

Carhartt Rain Defender hooded sweatshirts and jackets use a durable water repellent technology that forces light rain and water to bead up and roll off. These rugged and durable hooded sweatshirts stand up to rainy, inclement weather and tough jobs.

Custom Work Hoodies - Carhartt Rain Defender

Construction Work Hoodies (Hi Vis Hoodies with Logo)

High vis hoodies combine comfort and safety, with reflective materials that enhance visibility in low-light conditions. Available in a variety of colors including safety orange or yellow with black bottom, safety hoodies are ideal for road construction work and other work environments where visibility is a concern.

Type R Class 3 hooded sweatshirts (aka construction work hoodies) are designed for workers requiring the highest level of visibility, such as road construction workers, survey and flagging crews, public transit workers, railway workers, and emergency response personnel.

Promote professionalism on the job site (and make it easy to identify workers on multi-contractor sites) by adding your company logo to ANSI Type R Class 3 Hi Vis hoodies by Majestic and DRIFIRE. Enhance your hi vis outerwear by adding a reflective logo to provide additional visibility in low-light conditions.

Custom Work Hoodies - Hi Vis

Customizable FR Hoodies (Made in the USA)

FR hoodies can serve as protective outerwear in work environments where there is a risk of exposure to flames and thermal injury.

DRIFIRE makes premium hi vis hoodies out of advanced flame-resistant fabric that will not melt or ignite. DRIFIRE FR Hi Vis hoodies are also manufactured in the U.S., so they’re also ideal for construction companies and other businesses that are searching for Made in USA hoodies that can be branded with a company logo and colors.

When adding a company logo to a FR hoodie, fire retardant ink and/or flame-resistant threads and patches can be used to customize the garment without compromising its fire/flame-resistant properties.

Custom Work Hoodies - Drifire FR

Thermal Work Hoodies

Thermal lined hooded sweatshirts are made by trusted workwear brands like Cornerstone and Carhartt to help protect workers from cold weather conditions. Also known as insulated work hoodies, these hooded work sweatshirts with logo provide warmth without sacrificing mobility.

Custom Work Hoodies - Thermal Lining

Customize Your Own Work Hoodies & Other Outerwear/Apparel

The best custom work hoodies help keep laborers warm and protected without sacrificing comfort, mobility, and performance.

Quality custom work hoodies and work sweatshirts with logo make an exceptional holiday gift for your employees. They’re also a popular outerwear item to stock in a company apparel store for employees.

To learn more about customizing your company work wear and PPE, check out our Branded PPE guide. Or contact a Metron to discuss customization options with a safety specialist.