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We make managing company merch a breeze through custom sites, creative ideas, and handling the whole process from our warehouse to your audience’s doorstep.

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Our work is equal parts creativity, technical chops, business savvy, and logistical precision. We are an extension of your creative, tech, and marketing teams, dedicated entirely to creating memorable brand experiences.

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Learn more about our company stores by downloading our company store guide.

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Fully Customizable
Our online company stores are built with love and care. We are proud to offer many standard online company store features but with that in mind, we build our stores out to be fully customizable. This means that everything from the design to functionality can be built out and modified for your needs.

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Reporting and Analytics
Reporting and analytics are an important part of any manager’s tool set. That’s why we provide you with a suite of pre-built reports, along with Google Analytics support, to cover all the bases.

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Budgets, Discounts, and Promos
It’s important for an online company store to have a way to easily manage employee spending while also being able to reward employees. We help you manage everything down to granular detail and save you the time and hassle of distribution and redemption.

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Handpicked Product Catalog
Your branded merchandise is a unique way to create a connection with your users and promote your brand. It can be a simple gift or it can be a well-thought out series of packages that takes the user through a guided journey, we can get you the right products and ideas to fulfill it.

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Dedicated Account Rep
When you sign on with Metron Branding, you get your very own account rep to reach out to for anything. Order questions, product ideas, company store help, fantasy football draft tips, your account rep is here for you!

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Approval Rules and Custom Workflows
Approval rules and custom workflows give you the ability to set up customized rules to control what happens when a user has an order in the cart or at checkout. This feature allows for numerous combinations to cover all the unique scenarios your company could face.

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