10 Security Awareness Giveaways to Promote Cybersecurity

Updated October 2023

Corporate IT departments across the country are gearing up for a whole month of security awareness training modules and phishing email tests for employees and security awareness giveaways will help them keep workers engaged in the training.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is held annually in October. According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, “2023 marks the 20th annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month and this year CISA is launching a new awareness program that will encourage 4 simple steps every American can take to stay safe online.” These steps are:

  • Use strong passwords and a password manager
  • Turn on multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Update software
  • Recognize & report phishing

Research indicates that regular security awareness training is key to reducing phishing attacks in the workplace.

Incorporating employee incentives into your cyber security awareness training can help boost information retention – and make the tedium of regular training exercises more tolerable for busy staff.

This October, consider utilizing security awareness giveaways as employee incentives for completing annual cybersecurity training at work.

Ideas for Inexpensive Security Awareness Giveaways

Popular security-themed giveaways include custom phone camera covers, microphone blockers, USB data blockers, encrypted flash drives, and RFID-blocking wallets:

KANGA Strap PROtect

The KANGA Strap PROtect allows you to store your cards and tether your phone all in one product. This stick-on wallet holds up to 5 credit cards along with a hidden compartment for emergency cash. Features RFID protection for credit card security and side loading for easier use.

Security Awareness Giveaways. - kanga
KANGA™ Folio

Webcam Cover by C-Slide

A classic cyber security promotional item is the thin sliding webcam cover by C-Slide. Customize it with a full-color design featuring your company logo.

RFID Card Slider Wallet

This minimalist RFID-blocking aluminum card wallet offers protection for all of your credit and debit cards. The card slider feature makes it easy to access and sort your cards with ease.

Private Eyes Mini Lens Cover

Handy privacy lens cover for the camera on your smartphone. Use the eye-catching logo space to promote your brand.

Wallet Shield

The Wallet Shield is an RFID-blocking card that fits right in any wallet. RFID security technology helps protect against digital pickpocketing while traveling.

Security Awareness Giveaways. - Wallet Shield
Wallet Shield

Premium Security Swag

Your company can also hold raffles for more premium rewards like RFID security computer backpacks. Or give away custom t-shirts featuring cybersecurity-themed artwork or slogans to promote awareness.

Vault RFID Security 15″ Computer Backpack

This premium RFID Security Backpack holds a 15” laptop and tablet computer and features a RFID-blocking pocket.

Security Awareness Giveaways. - RFID Backpack
Vault RFID Security 15″ Computer Backpack

Safe Travels Traverse Wallet

Protect your personal information with this innovative RFID blocking wallet. To personalize your gift, it’s presented in a gift box with silver or gold decoration.

Security Awareness Giveaways. - Wallet
Safe Travels Traverse Wallet

Samsonite Mobile Solution Convertible Waist Pack

This water-resistant nylon convertible waist pack can also be worn as a sling or crossbody bag. Features a main zippered compartment and RFID protected front pocket to safeguard essentials.

Finley Mill LED Stashlight

The Finley Mill Stash Light is an LED flashlight that doubles as a secret stash compartment. Fit money, matches, or small notes inside for safekeeping.

Bellroy Travel Folio with Pen

The Bellroy Travel Folio makes staying organized on the go easy. This folio fits 2 passports, 4-8 cards, and boarding passes. RFID Protection helps keep your information safe and secure. A leather divider organizes documents and helps keep cash hidden. Made from premium, environmentally certified leather.

Security Awareness Giveaways. - folio
Bellroy Travel Folio w/Pen

BrandHub: The Easiest Way to Distribute Employee Incentives & Cybersecurity Swag

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