Custom Work Jackets and Workwear Coats: Safety Buyer’s Guide

Custom work jackets and coats are a useful form of protective outerwear for construction workers, lineworkers, and anyone else who works outside. They are specifically designed to withstand tough weather conditions, frequent use, and rugged work environments.

To help promote your company and make it easy to identify workers on a job site, many work jackets and workwear coats can be embroidered or screen printed with a company logo or other design. Custom work jackets and workwear coats are ideal for laborers who need reliable personalized outerwear that provides comfort, warmth, and protection.

When it comes to selecting the best custom work jackets to customize for your crew, it is important to consider several key features:

Fabric Type & Weight

Work jackets for men and women are typically constructed out of heavy-duty fabrics like cotton duck cloth, heavy denim twill, and ripstop polyester which offer excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. The exact type of material and fabric weight you choose for your custom work jacket or workwear coat, however, will depend on weather and job and safety requirements.

A lightweight moisture-wicking work jacket, for example, is typically more suitable for outdoor work in the spring and fall, while a heavier, lined work coat or parka can help keep your workers safe from frostbite in the winter.

Insulation & Weather Resistance

Many work jackets and coats are insulated to provide better protection against cold temperatures and inclement weather. Additionally, many work jackets are designed with weather-resistant features like water-repellent coatings, windproof membranes, or removable hoods to help protect the wearer from the elements.

Custom Work Jackets - High Visibility

Safety Features

Some work jackets are designed to meet safety standards such as ANSI/ISEA 107 standards for High-Visibility Safety Apparel. Known as safety work jackets or PPE work jackets, these jackets are designed with specialized features like fire-resistant fabrics, high-visibility colors, and reflective materials to help protect workers from job site hazards.

Durability & Reinforced Construction

Most work jackets are built to withstand demanding conditions. However, if durability is of the utmost importance, look for work jackets that feature heavy-duty zippers and reinforced stitching on both seams and pockets. Check if the jacket has additional reinforcements in high-wear areas like the elbows or shoulders.

Comfort, Fit & Mobility

A proper fit is essential for comfort and unrestricted movement. Look for custom work jackets available in a wide range of sizes that will fit everyone on your crew.  Some work jackets are engineered with features that allow you to customize the fit, such as adjustable cuffs, hems, and waist drawstrings. For optimal comfort, consider selecting a work jacket built with ergonomic design elements that promote freedom of movement, such as articulated sleeves, pleated elbows, and action back. Some work jackets also feature functional design elements tailored to specific work environments, such as tool loops and utility pockets.

Ease of Care & Maintenance

Some technical fabrics may require special care or treatment, so make sure you select a jacket that is easy to clean and maintain if that is a priority.

Decoration Method & Placement

While custom embroidered jackets are most popular with construction and industrial businesses, silkscreen printing can also be used to add your company logo to a work jacket. A logo can be placed on the left or right chest, sleeve, or back of a work jacket. Additional customization options may be available, depending on the type of jacket you selected.

Custom Work Jackets & Coats for Any Type of Job or Weather

Custom Work Jackets - Carhartt

Metron Branding offers custom work jackets and workwear coats for nearly any type of job and all sorts of inclement weather conditions.

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