Custom Patagonia Alternatives: Eco-Friendly Outdoor Apparel & Gear Options

Custom Patagonia Alternatives

Updated March 2023 Founded in Ventura, California in 1973, Patagonia is a well-known leader in sustainable and transparent fashion. They’re known for their quality, eco-friendly outdoor clothing and gear. Starting in the late 2000s, Patagonia vests and jackets featuring corporate logos became wardrobe staples on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. Embroidered Patagonia jackets, vests, … Read more

Reward and Recognition Programs Your Employees will Love

reward and recognition programs

Reward and recognition programs acknowledge employees for their extraordinary achievements and everyday efforts. These programs help motivate and engage employees, which improves both productivity and retention. Research indicates that employees value frequent, timely, and meaningful recognition and rewards. That’s why many employers utilize a variety of different tools and systems for delivering personalized recognition and … Read more

Safety Awards, Rewards & Incentives for Building Strong Safety Culture

Reward and Recognition Programs for Safety

A safety incentive program that include safety awards, aka safety recognition and rewards program, encourages employees to adhere to safety standards and regulations in the workplace. These programs offer recognition (such as praise and formal awards) and rewards (like gift cards and company swag) to employees who demonstrate safe behavior, such as hazard reporting or … Read more

Safety Gifts & Promotional Items for National Safety Month

safety gifts & safety promotional items

Many U.S. industrial, manufacturing, and construction companies observe National Safety Month in June. National Safety Month is an ideal time to use safety gifts to promote safety awareness in the workplace and advertise a business’s commitment to health and safety on social media and in local or industry press. As we wrap up National #Safety … Read more

Startup Swag Ideas + 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making

Startup Swag

Giving away branded apparel and promotional products (aka swag) to potential customers and early adopters is a cost-effective way to promote a growing startup or small business. Startup swag can be used to achieve key marketing objectives such as acquiring new customers, introducing a brand, or increasing customer loyalty and retention. Because promotional products are … Read more

8 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for Remote Employees

Reward and Recognition Programs - Employee Appreciation Day

More and more businesses are searching for great Employee Appreciation Day ideas for remote employees. That’s because the percentage of the labor force who primarily work from home tripled between 2019 and 2021. According to research from Zippia, 26% of U.S. employees now work remotely and 16% of U.S. companies are fully remote. While remote … Read more

6 Sales Gifts for Prospects & Leads that Actually Work

Sales Gifts for Prospects

Sales prospecting can be a difficult, time-consuming process. At the start of the sales cycle, a small, thoughtful sales gift can go a long way towards capturing the attention of qualified sales leads and nurturing prospects. Effective sales gifts can turn leads into prospects and move prospects through your pipeline faster due to the principle … Read more

Promotional Products for Pets (and Pet Parents)

Promotional Products for Pets

According to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 70% of U.S. households now own a pet. One in four new pet owners surveyed said that their recent pet acquisition was influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. While Millennials are currently the largest segment of pet owners, many members of Gen Z also began to foster … Read more

How to Improve Employer Branding and Employee Social Media Advocacy

How to Improve Employer Branding

Multinational corporations and small businesses alike want to know how to improve employer branding. After all, a company’s reputation as an employer plays a crucial role in employee recruitment and retention. Employment branding aka employer branding was defined by Dr. John Sullivan in 2004 as “a targeted, long-term strategy to manage the awareness and perceptions … Read more

Swag Management Platform – Save Time, Money & Maintain Brand Consistency

Swag Management Platform

Sourcing, storing, and shipping company swag and branded merchandise is a time consuming and expensive process. Luckily, with a swag management platform, these tasks can be outsourced and automated to save time and money. What is a Swag Management Platform? A swag management platform refers to swag procurement, customization, and fulfillment services – along with … Read more