Festival Giveaways – 25 Event Swag Ideas for Summer & Fall

Festival Giveaways

Updated August 2023 Music and cultural festivals are undoubtedly good for the human spirit. In fact, research indicates that attending a festival can make you feel more connected to humanity and more willing to help strangers for at least six months afterwards. Outdoor festivals, fairs, and other community events also provide a remarkable opportunity for brands … Read more

15 Virtual Swag Ideas and Examples

Virtual Swag Ideas

The events industry is rapidly evolving. As a result, many businesses and events coordinators are searching for great virtual swag ideas that can help build excitement for a brand or online event in 2022 and the years to come. Even as in-person concerts, festivals, and business events (including brick-and-mortar trade shows, conferences, and conventions) began … Read more

Key Marketing Strategies For Events & Trade Shows

marketing strategies for events and trade shows

If you’ve been to a tradeshow, you’ve seen the disparity. Half of the booths seem to be lively, attracting large crowds, generating buzz and full of energy. The other half seem to generate no interest and are filled with employees who look bored and envious of the booths around them. So while some companies seem … Read more