Business Swag Bag Ideas for Employees & Events

Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers - Swag Bag Ideas

Updated December 2023 What do birthday goodie bags, holiday stockings stuffed with treats, and business swag bags have in common? They make surprising, delightful, and universally appealing gifts that are greater than the sum of their parts. People of all ages – including customers, employees, and sales prospects – love unpackaging a bundle or bag … Read more

16 Gift Boxes for Remote Employees

Gift Boxes for Remote Employees

Updated December 2023 To motivate and retain top talent in the virtual workplace, many companies use custom gift boxes for remote employees on occasions such as: A perfectly curated and decorated gift box is one of the best ways to surprise and delight remote employees. Custom gift boxes are an ideal way to show employee … Read more

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes to Say Thank You

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes

Employee appreciation gift boxes are carefully curated and beautifully packaged collections of useful and fun gifts for employees. They’re often given to employees as a tangible gesture of gratitude and to recognize exemplary contributions made to a company or organization. Gift boxes for employee appreciation are easy to mail, making them an ideal annual company … Read more

Holiday Gift Boxes for Employees – 6 Great Branded Holiday Gift Sets They’ll Love

Holiday Gift Boxes for Employees

Updated November 2023 As the number of employees working primarily from home increases, personalized gift boxes and baskets have become a popular and cost-effective way to surprise, delight, and motivate hybrid and remote workers. Festive and easy to mail, holiday gift boxes for employees are ideal for remote workers and distributed teams. They also make … Read more

10 Security Awareness Giveaways to Promote Cybersecurity

Security Awareness Giveaways

Updated October 2023 Corporate IT departments across the country are gearing up for a whole month of security awareness training modules and phishing email tests for employees and security awareness giveaways will help them keep workers engaged in the training. Cybersecurity Awareness Month is held annually in October. According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security … Read more

Wellness Boxes for Employees – 8 Employee Care Package Ideas

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes - Wellness

Updated September 2023 Happy, healthy employees are productive, high performing employees. Wellness boxes for employees – custom gift boxes containing health and wellness related products – make excellent office gifts, rewards, and incentives. Wellness-themed corporate gift boxes can help encourage staff to join workplace health management and wellness programs. They can also be given away … Read more

Gifts for Interns – National Intern Day Gift Ideas

gifts for interns

Gifts for Interns Internship programs are a cost-effective way to identify and retain talented individuals for long-term employment. In fact, the conversion rate for 2021-22 interns to full-time employees grew to 57.6% in 2022, according to research published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Internship programs can also help bring fresh perspectives into … Read more

Wellness Swag – 23 Healthy Giveaway Ideas to Promote Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Online Company Store for Employees - Wellness Swag

Updated April 2023 Mind-body wellness is a top priority for a growing number of U.S. adults. Recent research – including the 2023 US Mindbody Wellness Index – indicates that Americans are becoming more health conscious. A nationwide survey conducted by Ipsos, a marketing research firm, found that “62% of Americans agree that their health is … Read more

Reward and Recognition Programs Your Employees will Love

reward and recognition programs

Reward and recognition programs acknowledge employees for their extraordinary achievements and everyday efforts. These programs help motivate and engage employees, which improves both productivity and retention. Research indicates that employees value frequent, timely, and meaningful recognition and rewards. That’s why many employers utilize a variety of different tools and systems for delivering personalized recognition and … Read more

Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers – Games, Rewards & More

Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers – Games, Rewards & More 1

Employee engagement is often defined as the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in both their work and workplace. Some research indicates that telecommuting and location flexibility can positively affect employee engagement. A large survey of U.S. workers by Quantum Workplace found that productivity and engagement is highest among hybrid and remote workers, when they are … Read more