Promotional Hoodies: Company Hoodie Ideas to Promote Your Business

Promotional Hoodies - Company Hoodie Ideas

It’s no surprise that, year after year, our customers love to order custom hoodies for business and non-profit promotion. In fact, customizable hoodies are one of the most popular types of promotional items in our catalog of personalized corporate clothing and gifts. That’s because promotional hoodies are an incredibly effective and versatile tool for brand … Read more

Our Top 5 Best Selling Custom North Face Jackets

Custom North Face Jackets from Metron Branding

Updated January 2024 Brand name promotional products like custom North Face jackets have great ROI potential. Promotional outerwear in general is a great buy for businesses searching for high-quality, long-lasting promotional products that can help influence consumers to conduct business with your company. In fact, a 2023 survey of North American consumers indicates that promotional … Read more

Custom Work Hoodies That Combine Style & Safety

Custom Work Hoodies

Workers who spend extended time outdoors in challenging weather conditions need to wear warm layers, such as work hoodies, to stay comfortable and safe. Custom work hoodies are lightweight outerwear designed to keep workers in industries such as construction, oil and gas, and forestry looking professional while also staying warm, comfortable, and safe on the … Read more

Business Swag Bag Ideas for Employees & Events

Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers - Swag Bag Ideas

Updated December 2023 What do birthday goodie bags, holiday stockings stuffed with treats, and business swag bags have in common? They make surprising, delightful, and universally appealing gifts that are greater than the sum of their parts. People of all ages – including customers, employees, and sales prospects – love unpackaging a bundle or bag … Read more

7 Online Pop-Up Shop Ideas & Examples to Generate Buzz Around Your Brand

Online Pop-Up Shop Ideas

Updated December 2023 Online pop-up shops are everywhere these days. An online pop-up shop is a temporary ecommerce store featuring branded merchandise and other products. The products sold in an online pop-up shop are typically limited-edition items that can only be purchased for a short period of time. Increasingly, online pop-up shops are used by … Read more

16 Gift Boxes for Remote Employees

Gift Boxes for Remote Employees

Updated December 2023 To motivate and retain top talent in the virtual workplace, many companies use custom gift boxes for remote employees on occasions such as: A perfectly curated and decorated gift box is one of the best ways to surprise and delight remote employees. Custom gift boxes are an ideal way to show employee … Read more

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes to Say Thank You

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes

Employee appreciation gift boxes are carefully curated and beautifully packaged collections of useful and fun gifts for employees. They’re often given to employees as a tangible gesture of gratitude and to recognize exemplary contributions made to a company or organization. Gift boxes for employee appreciation are easy to mail, making them an ideal annual company … Read more

Holiday Gift Boxes for Employees – 6 Great Branded Holiday Gift Sets They’ll Love

Holiday Gift Boxes for Employees

Updated November 2023 As the number of employees working primarily from home increases, personalized gift boxes and baskets have become a popular and cost-effective way to surprise, delight, and motivate hybrid and remote workers. Festive and easy to mail, holiday gift boxes for employees are ideal for remote workers and distributed teams. They also make … Read more

Ready-Made PPE Kits & Custom PPE Kits for At-Risk Workers

Construction Company Shirt Ideas - PPE Kits

For workers in a variety of industries (including healthcare, pharmaceutical, construction, oil and gas, welding and metal working, and manufacturing) serious or even fatal injuries and illnesses may result from contact with chemical, radiological, electrical, physical, and mechanical workplace hazards. PPE kits make it easy for at-risk workers to access all the personal protective equipment … Read more

10 Security Awareness Giveaways to Promote Cybersecurity

Security Awareness Giveaways

Updated October 2023 Corporate IT departments across the country are gearing up for a whole month of security awareness training modules and phishing email tests for employees and security awareness giveaways will help them keep workers engaged in the training. Cybersecurity Awareness Month is held annually in October. According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security … Read more