13 Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways

13 Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways 1

Updated June 2023 Unique promotional items for creative giveaways are a great way to help your company stand out in a crowd, so we compiled a list of some of our favorite outside-the-box ideas for inspired branded gifts. Our top selections consist of clever designs that are both functional and fun and can be customized … Read more

36 Trade Show Promotional Items to Help Your Booth Stand Out

36 Trade Show Promotional Items to Help Your Booth Stand Out

Trade shows are an ideal time to gain brand exposure and generate new sales leads. Trade show promotional items are a cost-effective advertising tool that can help attract more booth traffic and drive brand awareness. The most effective promotional items for trade shows, conferences, and other business events have three key attributes in common: To … Read more

Summer Swag Ideas – 35 Branded Corporate Gifts for Summertime Giveaways & Events

summer swag ideas from metron branding

Updated May 2023 It’s nearly summertime – which means marketing departments are putting the finishing touches on summer promotional giveaways. Office staff are busy planning company outings like outdoor corporate team-building events, company picnics and even charity golf tournaments. June-August is also an ideal time for brand promotion at business and community events including summer … Read more

25 Upscale Brands for Personalized Executive Gifts

25 Upscale Brands for Personalized Executive Gifts

Selecting a company gift for a CEO or other executive can be difficult. One of the easiest ways to ensure you get it right is by choosing from high-end brands that offer stylish, quality products that can be monogrammed or otherwise customized for the recipient. The best executive gifts are meaningful, useful, tasteful, and personalized. … Read more

30 Sustainable Swag Ideas: The Best Eco Friendly Promotional Products for Green Giveaways

Sales Gifts for Prospects - Sustainable Swag

Updated April 2023 One of the biggest trends in the promotional products industry over the past few years: sustainability. Driven by consumer demand for products and packaging made from more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, promotional giveaways have gotten a whole lot greener over the past few years. For an increasingly large percentage of the … Read more

The Best Customer Appreciation Day Gifts: 24 Personalized Gifts your Customers will Love

The Best Customer Appreciation Day Gifts: 24 Personalized Gifts your Customers will Love 2

Updated April 2023 The best Customer Appreciation Day gifts honor your relationship with your customers and show that you value them. Customer Appreciation celebrations can be held on any day, week, or month that works well for your company and customers. Many companies observe April 18th as National Customer Appreciation Day. Other businesses opt to … Read more

Wellness Swag – 23 Healthy Giveaway Ideas to Promote Physical & Mental Wellbeing

wellness swag healthy giveaways

Updated April 2023 Mind-body wellness is a top priority for a growing number of U.S. adults. Recent research – including the 2023 US Mindbody Wellness Index – indicates that Americans are becoming more health conscious. A nationwide survey conducted by Ipsos, a marketing research firm, found that “62% of Americans agree that their health is … Read more

Luxury Swag – 16 Upscale Promotional Products to Elevate Brand Image

luxury swag upscale promotional items

Updated March 2023 Building a premium brand image requires high-end luxury swag for promotional giveaways, contests, and experiential marketing campaigns. Many prestige brands also sell limited edition promotional products that utilize the principle of scarcity to drive user-generated content on social media platforms and generate publicity. already out of stock…. Lets make some more so … Read more

High End Corporate Gifting – Select the Perfect Luxury Gifts for VIP Clients and Executives

High End Corporate Gifting Guidance

Updated March 2023 High end corporate gifting is more art than science. In his seminal article about optimal gift-giving behavior, published in 1996 and titled The Perfect Gift, Russell W. Belk wrote: “A key element of the message of the perfect gift is conveying that the recipient is unique, extraordinary, and special, and the gift … Read more

Custom Patagonia Alternatives: Eco-Friendly Outdoor Apparel & Gear Options

Custom Patagonia Alternatives

Updated March 2023 Founded in Ventura, California in 1973, Patagonia is a well-known leader in sustainable and transparent fashion. They’re known for their quality, eco-friendly outdoor clothing and gear. Starting in the late 2000s, Patagonia vests and jackets featuring corporate logos became wardrobe staples on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. Embroidered Patagonia jackets, vests, … Read more