Socially Responsible Corporate Gifts: Our Guide to Ethical & Carbon/Climate Neutral Products

socially responsible corporate gifts

Socially responsible corporate gifts are manufactured by ethical companies committed to fair labor and socially and environmentally responsible sourcing and production. Purpose-driven brands and companies that place a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility often prefer to give socially responsible and sustainable corporate gifts to their sales prospects, VIP clients, and employees. They are also … Read more

10 Employee Birthday Gift Ideas So Fun They’ll Feel Like a Kid Again

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional employee birthday gift ideas. Thoughtful, joyful, and fun gifts capable of surprising and delighting your employees on special occasions like birthdays and work anniversaries can be difficult to find. The best birthday gifts for employees are a bit whimsical and completely memorable – capable of making anyone feel … Read more

2022 Promotional Product Trends – The Most Influential Items by State, Gender, Age & More

Promotional Product Trends

One of the best sources of data related to promotional product trends – i.e. which promotional products are the most cost-effective and popular with consumers – is the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)’s Ad Impressions Study, which is released every 1-2 years. The 2022 edition of this report provides detailed insight into promotional product trends – … Read more

29 Sustainable Swag Ideas: The Best Eco Friendly Promotional Products for Green Giveaways

Sustainable Swag Ideas

Updated April 2022 One of the biggest trends in the promotional products industry over the past few years: sustainability. Driven by consumer demand for products and packaging made from more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, promotional giveaways got a whole lot greener in 2020 and 2021. For an increasingly large percentage of the population – … Read more

The Best Promotional Items to Give Away in 2022, According to New Research

best promotional items to give away

The best promotional items to give away should have low cost per impressions (CPI) and should be effective at achieving your campaign goals – whether that is drumming up new business or securing customer loyalty. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s (ASI) 2022 Ad Impressions Study, the types of promotional products that are most likely … Read more

Welcome Back to Work Gifts – Employee Gift Ideas to Motivate and Inspire your Team

welcome back to work gifts employee gift ideas

After two years of remote work arrangements, large corporations like Google and Apple have begun welcoming their workers back to the office. With the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic now appearing to be over, many other companies will likely follow their lead in March and April 2022. Some companies, especially those in the competitive tech … Read more

Wellness Boxes for Employees – 8 Employee Care Package Ideas

Wellness Boxes for Employees

Happy, healthy employees are productive, high performing employees. Wellness boxes for employees – custom gift boxes containing health and wellness related products – make excellent office gifts, rewards, and incentives. Wellness-themed corporate gift boxes can help encourage staff to join workplace health management and wellness programs. They can also be given away as prizes at … Read more

Wellness Swag – 23 Healthy Giveaway Ideas to Promote Physical & Mental Wellbeing

wellness swag healthy giveaways

Mind-body wellness is a top priority for a growing number of U.S. adults. Recent research – including the 2022 US Mindbody Wellness Index – indicates that Americans are becoming more health conscious. A December 2021 survey conducted by Ipsos, a marketing research firm, found that “62% of Americans agree that their health is more important … Read more

Consistent Trade Show Marketing Materials for Strong Brand Image

Trade Show Marketing Materials

Maintaining consistency across all marketing channels is key to successful branding. Trade shows – including hybrid and virtual trade shows – are still an important marketing channel, especially for B2B businesses. Trade show marketing materials that adhere to your brand guidelines and make a real visual impact will strengthen your brand image and build brand … Read more

Trade Show Swag – 4 Tips for Using Promotional Giveaways to Increase Sales Potential

trade show swag promotional giveaways

Promotional giveaways can help your trade show booth attract more visitors. Swag giveaways at trade shows and events can also help your business collect more sales leads and increase sales potential. To effectively market your business and generate more sales leads at trade shows and exhibitions, try following these four easy trade show swag tips: … Read more