Safety Team Shirts – Workplace Safety T-Shirt Design Ideas & Slogans

Safety teams are crucial for companies that want to build a culture of safety in the workplace that can help reduce job site accidents and incidents.

According to the National Safety Council, safety teams help demonstrate how much an organization values the health and safety of its workers. Empowered safety teams have many important tasks, such as developing key safety policies and procedures and facilitating safety education in the workplace. Safety teams are commonplace in a variety of industries and can be found in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, power plants and energy production facilities, school systems, and hospitals.

Effective safety teams should include workers with different skills sets and levels of authority. Safety team members should always have excellent communication skills, as they must fulfill the important task of communicating safety initiatives throughout their organization. Safety team members should also be easily identifiable so other workers can recognize and approach them for assistance or guidance in matters related to safety and emergency response.

Make Your Safety Team Stand Out with Branded Apparel

Making your safety team recognizable shows how much your organization values their leadership and expertise. It also encourages safety conversations in the workplace, making it easier for staff to ask questions and report safety concerns.

Safety team participants often wear matching logo shirts (aka safety team shirts) to make it easy for other workers to identify them. Team shirts also promote professionalism and build team pride.

Safety team shirts are usually t-shirts or polo shirts branded with a safety slogan and/or company logo.

In some organizations, safety team participants may wear matching branded vests or jackets, in addition to or in place of safety team shirts.

Safety T-Shirt Design Ideas

Safety t-shirts are designed to be highly visible and comfortable. Safety tees are fashioned in high-visibility colors like safety yellow or green and may feature reflective strips or tape, durable reinforced stitching, and comfortable moisture-wicking fabric as well. Both long sleeve and short sleeve safety t-shirts can be customized with company logos and/or employee names.

T-shirts made specifically for members of safety teams or committees are usually distinct in color or design, which allows for easy identification of team members. Safety team t-shirts are typically the same color (often red, blue, fluorescent orange, or safety green). Safety team shirts often feature safety-related messaging or slogans, as well.

In some work environments, t-shirts worn by safety team participants may need to meet the ANSI standard for high-visibility safety apparel.

While most safety teams elect to wear personalized safety t-shirts, safety polo shirts and high visibility button down shirts are also popular. Loud and vibrant safety team shirts can act as an ice breaker to invite conversations about occupational health & safety! That’s why some corporations design fun, eye-catching shirts for their safety teams to wear on Casual Fridays and other special occasions…

Safety T-Shirt Slogans

Shirts worn by safety team participants often feature informational slogans related to workplace health and safety. These safety-related messages or slogans help reinforce the importance of safety in the workplace and promote safety culture among employees.

Effective safety slogans we’ve seen on safety team shirts include:

Safety Is a Team Sport

Protect What Matters

Think Safety, Act Safely

Think Safe, Work Safe

One Team, One Goal, One Mission: Zero Injuries

Safety Is No Accident

Safety is Not Negotiable

Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Be Safe and Stay Strong!

Safer Organizations Are Learning Organizations

Safety Rules Are Your Best Tools

Be Safe, Not Sorry

Stay Committed to Safety

Make a Safe Environment and Live a Safe Retirement       

Promote Safety Awareness with Safety Team Shirts, Hi-Vis Giveaways & More

Outfitting your safety team in safety shirts and other branded apparel can help promote safety awareness in the workplace. Visible safety team members serve as points of contact for reporting safety-related incidents and hazards; they also help workers comply with safety protocols by offering guidance and clarification related to safety rules and procedures.

Hi visibility safety shirts that feature safety messaging can also be used as giveaways during National Safety Month or other safety-related occasions and events. Company safety shirts can also be used to reward positive safety behavior and celebrate safety milestones.

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