Electrical PPE – Streamline Procurement of FR & Arc Flash Clothing, Safety Gear

Utility companies, power co-ops, renewable energy businesses, and electrical contractors need a constant supply of electrical PPE, including customized FR and arc flash clothing, and other safety products to mitigate risks and maintain a safe working environment.

For larger companies operating in industrial sectors, procurement technology tools can help their safety and procurement managers streamline the PPE procurement process. This helps to reduce costs while ensuring workers have the protection they need with electrical PPE that adheres to brand guidelines.

A company store for employees is a dedicated online platform for employee uniforms and essential safety gear. Also known as a company safety store, this procurement tool can be used to simplify the PPE and work clothing procurement process and facilitate seamless reordering of safety apparel and arc flash equipment year-round.

The benefits of a company safety store by Metron include:

Strategic, Streamlined, Integrated Electrical PPE Procurement

A company safety store by Metron provides your business with a centralized system for electrical PPE and safety gear procurement, distribution, and management.

A company safety store facilitates the discovery of quality, innovative safety products that meet your requirements and simplifies the process of delivering those products to your national or global workforce. With a company safety store, you can empower your teams to manage their own re-supply from a limited selection of pre-approved items available at a web address unique to your business.

Each enterprise-level company safety store platform includes:

  • A customized, secure, mobile friendly user interface that allows for easy ordering and reordering 24/7/365.
  • Personalized logins that allow each user to view their order history for easy 1-click reorders; see previously viewed items; maintain a wish list of items for further consideration; and manage multiple delivery addresses for fast checkout.
  • A custom dashboard for site administrators to monitor and manage employee spending, budgets, orders, and inventory.
  • Rich Reporting & Analytics which allow you to obtain actionable insights from your store data.
  • APIs that allow you to push and pull your data to and from other systems including ERPs and procurement platforms like SAP Ariba.
  • A dedicated account manager to ensure the success of your web store.

Access to a Wide Range of ANSI & OSHA Compliant Safety Products

electrical ppe arc flash suit

With a company store, your field managers can access a wide selection of customized safety apparel and work gear required by electricians, electrical lineworkers, and other field staff including:

  • Durable arc flash and fire resistant clothing and electrical safety PPE from top brands like Enespro and Drifire*
  • FR Hi Vis clothing from National Safety Apparel*
  • Respiratory protection including dust masks and dual cartridge respirators
  • FR PPE including FR balaclavas, fire resistant work gloves, and FR hats
  • Premium PPE Bundles and Kits including arc flash kits

Enable robust approval rules to require staff to submit their order for approval, ensuring that everything goes through an administrator or core group of users. This helps ensure certain groups only access the type of protection they need such as CAT 3 electrical PPE.

With custom subscriptions for automatic replenishment of consumables, your teams will never run out of custom safety PPE and any other branded merch they need.

* Order Enespro, Drifire, and National Safety Apparel electrical PPE from the Construction & Power Generation Safety Collection at Metron’s safety store.

Endless Ways to Customize Your Safety Gear

electrical ppe customization

Metron offers agile product customization and the latest in-house decorating methods.

With a Metron company safety store, managers and individual staff can quickly order custom safety clothing and PPE that strictly adheres to brand guidelines. Most of the items that we source for you can be embroidered, screen printed, or otherwise decorated with your brand logo and colors to ensure a professional, uniform look. We’ll customize, store, assemble, and ship your custom safety apparel and electrical PPE whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Your company safety store can also be customized with your brand logo and colors. And we’ll take care of any other site customizations that you need.

Build Your Own Collection of Pre-Approved Electrical PPE

A company safety store, stocked with custom FR and arc flash clothing along with approved OSHA and ANSI compliant safety products, makes it easier to achieve both job site safety and brand control.

A custom company safety store is one of the most cost-effective and streamlined ways to manage your company uniforms, PPE for electrical work, and other branded merchandise, such as safety signage, employee safety incentives, and promotional products. It’s also the easiest way for employees to access branded materials, from apparel to printed marketing materials like business cards and spec sheets.

Metron is dedicated to simplifying procurement of safety essentials. To set up a company safety store of your own, contact us or fill out the form below.

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