Safety Gifts & Promotional Items for National Safety Month

Many U.S. industrial, manufacturing, and construction companies observe National Safety Month in June. National Safety Month is an ideal time to use safety gifts to promote safety awareness in the workplace and advertise a business’s commitment to health and safety on social media and in local or industry press.

Useful safety gifts like personalized flashlights and emergency roadside kits are a cost-effective way to increase safety awareness and engage with employees, customers, and sales prospects during National Safety Month and other times of year.

Safety promotional items make great social media giveaways and can also be handed out at community events and workplace health and safety events.

Safety Gifts for Employees

Safety related gifts for employees are a great way to increase awareness and engagement around key National Safety Month topics including musculoskeletal disorders, workplace impairment, injury prevention, and slips, trips, and falls.

Safety awareness gifts for employees can be used as prizes for a health and safety fair or as rewards for a safety incentive program.

Popular safety giveaway ideas for staff include:

First Aid Kit Safety Gifts
First Aid Kit Safety Gifts

Premium safety gifts for employees include ergonomic home office accessories like an ergonomic mouse or mouse pad; moisture-wicking and/or cooling clothing; and high visibility outerwear and accessories like reflective beanies.

For more health and safety fair gift ideas, check out our guide to Wellness Swag and Healthy Giveaways.

For cybersecurity gift ideas for employees, check out our Security Awareness Giveaways guide.

Safety Promotional Items for Trade Shows & Marketing Campaigns

Besides National Safety Month, other safety themes that can be used for a giveaway campaign include:

  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work (April 28)
  • Construction Safety Week (May 1-5)
  • National Bicycle Safety Month (May)
  • OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week
  • National Traffic Awareness Month (August)
  • Baby Safety Month (September)
  • National Campus Safety Awareness Month (September)
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October)
  • National Animal Safety and Protection Month (October)
  • National Fire Prevention Week (observed annually during the week in which October 9 falls)
Construction Safety Week - safety gifts

Some practical, widely appealing safety giveaways that can be customized with a company logo and colors include:

Safety Gifts & Promotional Items for National Safety Month 1
Paracord Survival “Grenades”

Paracord survival kits – paracord wilderness survival kit featuring carabiner, fire starter, whistle, fishing gear, and more

High visibility neck gaiters – multifunctional headwear/neck gaiters in high visibility safety colors like orange and yellow

2 in 1 emergency escape tools – easy-to-store seatbelt cutter and window breaker

Portable solar power banks – wirelessly charge your phone while hiking or camping without an outlet

Pet first aid kit – travel-size pet safety and first aid kits; includes pet first aid guide

Hero emergency light – unique suction mounted click-on emergency flashlight with soft silicone coating

High visibility hats and caps – safety caps are available in high visibility colors like safety green and orange

Inflatable solar lantern – inflatable solar lantern that lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge to provide light when it is needed most

Reflective bike strap – make yourself visible to traffic while cycling or jogging at night

Reflective Bike Straps
Reflective Bike Straps

Safety Gifts for Health & Safety Fairs, Promotional Giveaways & More

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