Trade Show Swag – 4 Tips for Using Promotional Giveaways to Increase Sales Potential

Promotional giveaways can help your trade show booth attract more visitors. Swag giveaways at trade shows and events can also help your business collect more sales leads and increase sales potential. To effectively market your business and generate more sales leads at trade shows and exhibitions, try following these four easy trade show swag tips:

1.) Increase Engagement with Booth Games and Unique Trade Show Swag Prizes

Want to draw more visitors? Consider gamifying your booth to increase engagement. Interactive trade show booths and trade show games are an easy way to stand out on the exhibit floor. For example, Cambria Surfaces used one of the products they were presenting at a recent Kitchen & Bath Industry Show to build a table tennis game for attendees to play:

Offering trendy promotional products, popular promotional items like tech swag – including VR headsets – and other unique giveaways as contest prizes is a great incentive for sales prospects to stop by your booth. Promotional products make excellent contest and game prizes because they help drive brand awareness and recall.

2.) Build Booth Buzz with the Best Trade Show Giveaways for your Budget

Attract passerby attention by generating buzz on the trade show floor with sought-after swag that won’t bust your budget. A cost-effective way to drive traffic to your booth is to offer affordable yet high-quality custom swag for all your trade show booth visitors. Just like every kid knows which houses give out full-size candy bars on Halloween, trade show attendees compare notes about which booths offer the best, most useful promotional giveaways. Offering better swag than your competitors is an easy way to stand out in a crowd and drive traffic to your booth.

mint tins trade show swag promotional giveaways

While high end swag is great if you can afford it, quality swag that sales prospects will appreciate doesn’t have to be expensive. Cheap trade show giveaways under $1 – such as Trade Show Pens and Writing Instruments – can be just as effective as costlier items like CamelBak tumblers and Moleskine notebooks. Some of the best trade show giveaway ideas for small budgets include:

For additional trade show promotional items for any budget, check out these guides:

3.) Incorporate Swag into your Pre-Trade Show Email Marketing Strategy

Use swag to provide important sales prospects with an incentive to visit your booth. Prior to a trade show or event, email prospective attendees – or just high-quality sales leads and VIPs – with a link to your BrandHub branded merchandise store and a promo code. Promo codes make it easy for sales prospects to order personalized swag to pick up at your trade show booth. This includes promotional apparel and accessories like t-shirts and hats in the exact right size and style. This can reduce waste and make better use of your promotional products budget. By encouraging sales leads to stop by your booth to pick up free custom swag, this strategy can also improve sales opportunities.

4.) Increase Sales Prospects & Boost Customer Acquisition with Follow-Up Swag

Businesses can also use the BrandHub branded merch platform to send personalized swag – including custom swag packs – to sales prospects after the event. With an iPad or other tablet computer, you can encourage booth visitors to sign up for free personalized swag delivered directly to their office after the event is over. This is a great way to obtain contact information for sales leads and follow up with them after the trade show.

Trade show attendees will appreciate the opportunity to receive awesome personalized swag without having to haul it around the event floor. They’ll also appreciate hearing from your company after the show. According to Salesforce, “80 percent of trade show exhibitors don’t follow up on their show leads.” That’s money left on the table. Following up with a small sales gift like a t-shirt, travel tumbler, or custom golf balls after a trade show is an inexpensive way to optimize sales leads. Follow-up gifts make it easier to initiate meetings and convert sales prospects into clients. Direct mail promotional giveaways can also help salespeople connect with hybrid and virtual trade show event attendees.

With a branded merchandise store like BrandHub, the logistics of delivering follow-up gifts to your sales prospects is taken care of for you. That’s because the BrandHub platform automates and outsources the time-consuming process of acquiring and managing trade show swag and sales prospecting gifts – this includes order fulfillment, customization, storage, and delivery. You can learn more about this service with our BrandHub Guide.

For help in selecting the best trade show swag and leveraging promotional giveaways to increase sales potential at your events, contact Metron Branding for a consultation TODAY.