15 Virtual Swag Ideas and Examples

Virtual Swag Ideas

The events industry is rapidly evolving. As a result, many businesses and events coordinators are searching for great virtual swag ideas that can help build excitement for a brand or online event in 2022 and the years to come. Even as in-person concerts, festivals, and business events (including brick-and-mortar trade shows, conferences, and conventions) began … Read more

Consistent Trade Show Marketing Materials for Strong Brand Image

Trade Show Marketing Materials

Maintaining consistency across all marketing channels is key to successful branding. Trade shows – including hybrid and virtual trade shows – are still an important marketing channel, especially for B2B businesses. Trade show marketing materials that adhere to your brand guidelines and make a real visual impact will strengthen your brand image and build brand … Read more

Trade Show Swag – 4 Tips for Using Promotional Giveaways to Increase Sales Potential

trade show swag promotional giveaways

Promotional giveaways can help your trade show booth attract more visitors. Swag giveaways at trade shows and events can also help your business collect more sales leads and increase sales potential. To effectively market your business and generate more sales leads at trade shows and exhibitions, try following these four easy trade show swag tips: … Read more

Social Distancing Wristbands are Essential Accessories for Offices, Conferences & Events in 2022

Social Distancing Wristbands

Social distancing wristbands and lanyards have become a popular way for conference and event attendees to signify their level of comfort with physical greetings like handshakes and elbow bumping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now they are being used by businesses around the world (from New York to Dubai) to help make workers feel more comfortable … Read more

Conference Swag Ideas: Our Guide to the Best Promotional Products for Business Events

Conference Swag Ideas

Conference swag is standard and ubiquitous for a reason. When hybrid and virtual conferences became commonplace in 2020 and 2021, conference swag didn’t go away. In fact, event organizers seeking to boost audience engagement kitted and mailed promotional products like snacks, t-shirts, socks, and stickers to virtual event attendees. Brands like Microsoft and Google, finding … Read more

Best Swag Items for Trade Shows and Conferences – According to Attendees

Best Swag Items for Trade Shows and Conferences - According to Attendees 1

To help our customers make smart purchasing decisions, we like to look at both qualitative and quantitative research. Data and customer feedback helps us identify our most popular and effective promotional products. In addition we use statistics from organizations like the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) to learn which categories of promotional products are purchased most … Read more

Five Essential Swag Items for your Trade Show Booth!

sonosphear bluetooth speaker

Swag items are a must for any trade show booth. Check out our recommendations for five essential swag items that are sure to get people to your booth and talking. Pens A classic promo item. Pens are great for a low-budget item that makes a lasting impression. Tired of the same old pens that every … Read more

Five Tips to Having a Great Trade Show Booth!

Five Tips to Having a Great Trade Show Booth! 2

1. Location, Location, Location Where you’re able to put your booth will be a huge determining factor for how much traffic you recieve. Try to get a space by the entrance. Other prime spots include a corner booth (for great flow) and near the food! Everyone will be visiting the food at one time or … Read more

Key Marketing Strategies For Events & Trade Shows

marketing strategies for events and trade shows

If you’ve been to a tradeshow, you’ve seen the disparity. Half of the booths seem to be lively, attracting large crowds, generating buzz and full of energy. The other half seem to generate no interest and are filled with employees who look bored and envious of the booths around them. So while some companies seem … Read more