Consistent Trade Show Marketing Materials for Strong Brand Image

Maintaining consistency across all marketing channels is key to successful branding. Trade shows – including hybrid and virtual trade shows – are still an important marketing channel, especially for B2B businesses. Trade show marketing materials that adhere to your brand guidelines and make a real visual impact will strengthen your brand image and build brand awareness.

To successfully market your brand at trade shows, conferences, and business events, all print and digital marketing materials and brand identity pieces should display the same logos, colors, typography, and messaging. Using one source for your trade show marketing materials is the easiest way to ensure brand consistency across all marketing assets, while also saving staff time and money.

The BrandHub branded merchandise platform streamlines the process of ordering, customizing, and distributing trade show promotional items, apparel, displays, signage, and other booth materials and supplies. BrandHub also simplifies the process of managing print and digital trade show marketing materials like trade show flyers, brochures, and electronic direct mailers.

Provide your Sales Team with Everything they Need from One Source

The BrandHub branded merchandise platform ensures your company maintains brand identity consistency across all your trade show marketing materials and collateral including:

  • trade show promotional items
  • trade show booth attire & accessories
  • trade show displays, equipment, & supplies

Marketers can use the BrandHub branded merchandise platform to provide trade show booth staff with all the branded materials they need – including pop-up displays, banner stands, signage, table covers, company logo polo shirts, and accessories like logo buttons, lanyards, and custom face masks.

Your dedicated BrandHub account manager ensures that all of your company’s personalized trade show materials meet your brand guidelines as well as Metron Branding’s rigorous quality control standards.

Create Custom Print Trade Show Marketing Materials on the Fly

The BrandHub platform can also be used to provide your sales team with the custom marketing collateral they need to effectively conduct business while traveling and networking. With BrandHub, your sales & marketing team can use variable data products to generate print marketing materials on the fly – including custom sell sheets, booklets, leaflets, and business cards.

Making sure your marketing assets are made accessible to everyone on your team who needs them helps keep your brand identity consistent across all marketing channels. BrandHub can also function as a digital asset management tool for important trade show collateral like brochures and flyers.

Attract More Visitors to your Trade Show Booth and Improve Sales Lead Generation

BrandHub makes it easy to attract more visitors to your trade show booth, effortlessly obtain sales lead contact information, woo VIPs, and effectively follow up with sales leads after the show.

The BrandHub platform can be used to source attractive, uniform custom apparel for your employees which will help your brand stand out at trade shows. Ensure your salespeople look great while supporting your brand image and representing your company.

The BrandHub platform can also be used to source custom trade show swag for giveaways. Trade show giveaways help drive brand awareness and recall. To learn how to utilize swag customized with your company logo to effectively market your brand at trade shows and events, check out our Trade Show Swag Guide. This guide includes tips on how to use the BrandHub platform to:

  • Provide personalized incentives for high-quality sales prospects
  • Obtain more contact information for sales leads at trade shows
  • Follow up with attendees after the trade show and generate more sales

BrandHub = Trade Show Booths that Build your Brand Image

To build your brand image, your company needs consistent marketing collateral. This includes marketing materials for conferences and trade shows such as flyers and brochures; promotional products and custom packaging for sales prospecting gifts; and trade show booth materials like banners and other signage.

BrandHub is your one-stop shop for all your B2C and B2B trade show marketing materials and equipment. Incorporating BrandHub into your trade show planning and execution is the easiest way to attract more visitors to your trade show booth, optimize sales leads, and strengthen your brand image.

The BrandHub platform is especially useful for managing the logistics of preparing for multiple trade shows in a marketing cycle and it can also make life easier for exhibitors integrating multiple brands in one booth. With the BrandHub platform, everything related to branded merchandise order fulfillment and delivery is taken care of for your company – meaning one more key item is crossed off your trade show to-do list.

Exhibition & event organizers can also use the BrandHub platform to manage digital assets like trade show catalogs and obtain signage for events, as well as custom PPE; hygiene supplies including commercial hand sanitizer stations; and essentials for attendees such as nametags and social distancing wristbands.

To learn more about the BrandHub platform, Download our Free BrandHub Guide or Contact Metron Branding to set up a consultation and demo.