BrandHub: The Company Store Platform Built for your Needs

BrandHub is Metron Branding’s company store platform, serving as the home of our online company stores for our various clients. But what exactly is BrandHub? What is this all-in-one platform that’s making companies lives easier day in and day out? Keep reading as we break down what sets BrandHub apart from its competitors.

One Company Store Platform to Rule Them All

When it comes to an online company store platform, you want to make sure it can do everything that you need it to do. This could mean approval rules and custom workflows to manage what your employees are ordering or it could mean variable data products so all your print needs can be met. It could also mean going with a company that has the ability to customize the platform to fit your needs. Let’s be real here; you want the very best platform you can find that will make your job easier and that’s where BrandHub comes in. We strive to provide the very best experience for you and your company and are constantly improving and updating based on our customers feedback and needs.

The Power is in Your Hands

Here’s the thing: BrandHub doesn’t just stop at us. It also includes a fully functional admin panel, letting you do as much (or as little) as we do! Maybe your top two sales workers did a great job this month and you want to show your appreciation for their hard work. Simply hit up the admin panel, add gift cards to their store accounts and let them know free merch (people love branded merch, especially when it’s free) is waiting for them when they login. Boom, employee satisfaction guaranteed.

Alright I’m In, Where Do I Sign?

You’re excited. Your employees are excited. We’re excited. Get things started right now by signing up for an online company store consultation. A quick 15 minute meeting will let us determine if we’re a good fit for your company.

Ultimately, a company store platform is only as good as the company behind it. So go with the company that’s got tons of info on the subject and a proven track record of delivering quality company stores. Reach out to Metron Branding to get your company store started today.