Promo Codes, Budgets, and More: Reward Your Online Company Store Users

One of the big benefits of an online company store is the ability to easily reward your employees. With a Metron Branding online company store, you gain access to a variety of methods that will help you give your employees what they deserve. Promo codes, spending accounts and gift cards can all be easily set for company, group, or user specific values, allowing you to adjust your reward for specific workers or divisions. Keep reading below for more information on each of the reward methods. Want to get started with your online company store and you just can’t wait? Contact us or sign up for a demo to get your journey started.

Promo Codes

Promo codes, also known as coupon codes or promotional codes, give you the ability to create a code that, when entered by the user, will have an effect on the order. This could be anything from a flat discount on the total order to a percentage discount on a certain item. Our platform gives us endless options to play around with: specific user assignments, decrementing coupons, restricted start and end dates, and much more!


Budgets give you the ability to assign a spending balance to a user, group, or entire company. They can then use that account as a payment method, applying their balance to an order without needing to enter a code or meet a requirement.This balance can be set to automatically renew after a certain time, making managing time-based budgets easy. Budgets are a great way to push company sales year-long.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a quick way to give your employees a nice gift and incentivize using the store. Gift cards, like everything else, can be set to have a start and expiration date, allowing you to come up with promotional tactics such as a Thanksgiving or Christmas sale accompanied with a gift card for the duration of the holiday.

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