13 Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways in 2021

Unique promotional items for creative giveaways are a great way to help your company stand out in a crowd, so we compiled a list of some of our favorite outside-the-box ideas for inspired branded gifts in 2021. Our top selections consist of clever designs that are both functional and fun and can be customized with your company logo to revive stale marketing campaigns. Small budget? No problem. We’ve also included a few unique promotional products under $5 below.

13 Creative Giveaways

Custom Digital BBQ Fork – The best custom wireless meat thermometer available. Add your company’s logo to this sleek, easy-to-use digital barbeque fork with thermometer! Quickly check the temperature of your meat or set desired doneness. Settings include meat type (Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, or Turkey) and cooking level (Well Done, Medium, Medium Rare, and Rare). Packaged in a 1-piece black gift box, batteries included.

Why we love it:
This inventive promotional product makes one of America’s favorite pastimes, barbecuing, a whole lot easier. Cooking thermometers in general are widely appealing – one can never have enough of this essential kitchen tool.

Izzo Speaker Strap – Help your clients customize their golf bags with this inventive Bluetooth speaker strap by Izzo. Syncs with Android and Apple smartphones. Requires three AAA batteries for hours of use. Adjustable two-point connection. One size fits all bags.

Why we chose it:
We think this is one of the most unique promotional products for golfers in 2021! Portable Bluetooth speakers are ubiquitous these days but there is just something about a golf bag speaker that is sort of whimsical and unexpected…

Relaxation Kit with Sound Machine – Help your customers and employees find relaxation at home – or in the office breakroom. The Take Five & Revive Kit features a blackout eye mask, designed to help you relax and meditate anywhere, and the R&R Sound Machine which offers 24 soothing and relaxing sounds. Includes a recyclable kraft gift box. All items in this kit are customizable.

Why your customers will love it:
Wellness-themed products and promotions are more popular now than ever and this custom kit would make a zen prize for social media contests.

Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways - Cuisinart Burger Press

Cuisinart Cast Iron Smash Burger Press – This heavy-duty, 6″ cast iron burger press by Cuisinart helps create perfect, flavorful patties every time. This ultra-useful culinary tool makes it easier to grill or pan-fry even-sized beef, turkey, tofu, and veggie burgers. The raised edge of the press helps lock in the juices when pressing down to create a caramelized crust and a juicy center. With your company logo laser engraved onto the front of the press, this grill tool makes a memorable promotional product, ideal for trade show giveaways.

Why it’s a great buy:
Cuisinart is a sought-after, high-end brand that consumers love and a high-quality burger press is something that nearly everyone could use (including vegetarians and vegans) but might not splurge on – two essential components of a luxury gift!

Kaiser Survival Grenade – This paracord survival grenade in black and grey makes a practical yet unconventional gift for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Inside you’ll find 17 survival tools and a customizable silver dog tag – add your brand’s logo in full color to the dog tag. The survival tools in this compact, portable kit include safety pins, aluminum foil, fish hooks, fishing line, fishing lure, floats, weights, swivels, needle, knife blade, flint, alcohol pad, mirror, tinder, carabiner, wire, and paracord.

Why it makes a unique giveaway:
Interest in emergency survival gear like bug out kits soared during the pandemic. This clever, unorthodox promotional item is both on-trend and an ideal size for inexpensive direct mailing campaigns. It’s also an interesting product for branding and selling via an online company store.

CORKCICLE Whiskey Wedge Glass Gift Set in Clear – The Whiskey Wedge by CORKCICLE is the best whiskey glass for anyone who enjoys smooth sipping. This gift set includes a double old-fashioned whiskey glass and one silicone ice form in a one-piece retail gift box. During freezing, the ice forms a wedge shape on one side of the glass. When you pour a drink, the wedge melts slowly to help retain your drink’s full flavor.

Why it makes great swag:
Some of the most unique giveaways are classic promotional items with a twist. CORKCICLE’s creative, artful design is a winning combination of upscale whiskey glass and high-end ice mold – perfect for spirits aficionados and newbies alike.

Koozie Collapsible Folding Wagon – The Koozie® Collapsible Folding Wagon is perfect for hauling gear to sporting events, festivals, and concerts. It also makes trips to the park easier for families who need to haul a lot of gear. It conveniently folds up for easy transport or storage. Two imprint options: screen print/full color or embroidery.

Why it’s a must-have promotional product:
Promotional bags and luggage are popular giveaway items – this colorful collapsible folding wagon is a special, unique option in this category that has near universal appeal.

Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways - Moleskin Coloring Kit

Moleskine Coloring Kit – Sketchbook and Watercolor Pencils – Observe, imagine, sketch and color with the Moleskine Coloring/Sketching Kit. Part of Moleskine’s Art Collection, this custom Moleskine sketching kit appeals to the artist inside each of us. Includes a black sketchbook and a set of 12 watercolor pencils.

Why we chose it:
Moleskine is known for their exquisite luxury notebooks and sketchpads. This atypical promotional product will surely spark the imagination and help your customers express themselves.

SoulKix Shoes – These trendy slip-on shoes by SoulKix are completely customizable, making them one of the most creative giveaway ideas you’ll ever come across. Full color dye sublimation printing is used to add your company’s logo – or any design you desire – to the entire printed portion of the shoe, from end-to-end.

Why we love it:
The founder of SoulKix, Mason Davis, saw a niche in the footwear market back in 2015 and began to manufacture fashionable, completely customizable casual footwear. In 2016, SoulKix utilized crowdfunding to expand the business. Since then, their custom shoes have won the hearts of kids and adults alike:

Crumbee Mini Desktop Vacuum – This mini desktop vacuum cleaner by Crumbee makes a charming and utterly useful custom corporate gift. Despite its small size, this vacuum is powerful – capable of sucking up crumbs and other debris on your desk and keyboard.

Why your customers will love it:
Who doesn’t desire a sparkling clean desk? The Crumbee’s adorable miniature size and quirky, vibrant design makes for a great office-themed promotional product.

Unique Promotional Items Under $5

Delightful, uncommon freebies are fantastic for handing out at in-person events. They can even help attract visitors to your company booth at trade shows and conferences. These creative promotional products will fit the bill – they’ll also make eye-catching additions to swag bags and kits.

Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways - Dip Trip

Dip Trip – The Dip Trip is your on-the-go sauce holder solution – and the perfect offbeat promotional item. Never have a dry fry or sauceless nugget again! This handy holder clips right to your vehicle’s air vent so you can effortlessly dip your nuggets and fries at every red light.

The Manicurist Nail Block – Help your customers feel pampered with this handy nail buffer block. This colorful, four-sided professional nail block draws attention to your brand with a 1-color imprint right on the top. Each edge has a different manicure function: files, removes ridges, smooths, and shines.

Bicycle Bell – Bike sales significantly increased during the pandemic. This classic bicycle bell is the perfect combination of nostalgia and safety for cost-effective, creative giveaways.

Let us Inspire you with Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways

Whether you are looking for out of the ordinary trade show swag to spice up your booth or an unusual customizable product for an innovative direct mailing campaign, Metron Branding has got you covered. For additional giveaway ideas for 2021 and 2022, check out our guide to customer appreciation gifts, or contact us.