Promotional Umbrellas Signify Protection & Coverage – 15 Custom Logo Umbrella Ideas

Promotional umbrellas, including rain umbrellas, golf umbrellas, and sun umbrellas – provide great ROI for your marketing dollars. That’s because:

  • Promotional umbrellas have low cost-per-impression: a promotional umbrella that costs $10 will have a CPI of under a cent, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)’s latest Global Ad Impressions Study. On average, promotional umbrellas generate 1,100 impressions over their lifetime.
  • Promotional umbrellas have longevity – according to ASI’s research, promotional umbrellas are kept by North American consumers for 14 months on average. That’s longer than promotional pens, power banks, desk accessories, polo shirts, bags, and hats.
  • Promotional umbrellas have near universal appeal – an important attribute for a useful and effective promotional product. From travel umbrellas for business trips to shade umbrellas for the beach, this product category has mass appeal. Custom umbrellas make effective promotional gifts that will be used and appreciated by nearly everyone.

When it comes to gifting a custom umbrella with logo, quality is the #1 attribute that determines if a consumer will keep that item. In fact, 57% of consumers surveyed by ASI chose quality as the reason they kept or would keep a promotional umbrella. Other important attributes include utility and attractiveness. Nonetheless, gifting a high-quality custom logo umbrella is a great way to ensure your gift is used and your company name is seen.

High Profile Promotional Umbrella

Case in point – if the promotional umbrellas you choose to gift are of a high enough caliber, they could potentially garner some unexpected publicity.

The latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm included a plot line centered around a “borrowed” umbrella from the Omni Dallas Hotel. The umbrella is highly coveted and irreplaceable – capable of holding up in gale force winds, never going inside out. In fact, according to Larry David’s character, “…it’s the best umbrella I ever had.”

A custom promotional item made especially for the hotel’s grand opening in 2011, Omni Dallas Hotel umbrellas became a trendy Christmas gift in 2021 after being featured in Episode 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s 11th season.

Amber Bufkin, marketing manager for the Omni Dallas Hotel, told a CultureMap Dallas reporter that the hotel was unaware of how their promotional umbrella “made its way to the set of Curb Your Enthusiasm.” It is quite possible this TV cameo was not a paid product placement – just a happy accident inspired by a truly great custom umbrella.

Best Custom Logo Umbrellas

Financial and healthcare companies, including insurance providers and hospitals, should consider using promotional umbrellas in marketing campaigns with protection and coverage themes. Branded umbrellas also make effective incentives for employee safety programs.

In addition, promotional umbrellas make excellent seasonal gifts. Logo umbrellas for rain and other inclement weather are some of the best custom corporate gifts available for Spring and Fall. And custom golf umbrellas with logo and promotional beach umbrellas are cool summer gifts for sales prospects, customers, and employees.

For an excellent return on your advertising investment, consider gifting some of these high-quality logo umbrellas to promote brand recall among sales prospects and boost loyalty among existing customers. Each one of these high-quality custom umbrellas can be screen printed with your company logo:

Peerless Umbrella The Hotel

Luxury branded umbrellas make great corporate gifts for clients, VIPs, and employees. This classic high-quality custom printed umbrella is perfect for hotel and hospitality promotions. Features a 48″ arc, automatic opening, and a wooden shaft & curved handle. 10 colors to choose from including black.

42″ Auto Open/Close Bluetooth Audio Tech Umbrella

42″ auto open and auto close umbrella, featuring a Bluetooth connected tech handle that connects to your smartphone to allow for music and phone calls anywhere, even in the rain. Waterproof tech handle unscrews to allow for convenient charging.

Peerless Umbrella The Retro

48″ arc fashion retro style Peerless umbrella provides classic style and durability in rainy weather. Pongee fabric with an aluminum frame and matching handle sets this umbrella apart from the rest of the pack. We’ll screen print your company logo onto this retro umbrella with logo for nostalgia marketing campaigns.

42″ Recycled PET Auto Open Plaid Folding Umbrella

A fashionable and more eco-friendly umbrella for environmentally friendly promotions. 42″ Automatic Opening umbrella that features a bold plaid pattern and a 4″ solid hem that is perfect for decorating. Made from 100% recycled PET material and a natural wood handle. Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales of this and all EcoSmart products will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.

Peerless Umbrella Cloud

Getting caught in the rain doesn’t have to be so dreary anymore. This whimsical customized umbrella has a decorative cloud design on the underside of the canopy. It features automatic opening with a solid wood handle. It has a black outer cover and a matching black nylon sleeve.

promotional umbrellas with custom logo inversion48″ Colorized Inversion Umbrella

This promotional umbrella features an innovative inverted folding design. The umbrella opens and closes “inside-out” making it easier to use when entering and exiting a vehicle. The umbrella can stand on its own when closed allowing the water to drain out to dry. Manual opening with push button pinch-proof runner. Dual layer pongee canopy.

52″ Bubble Umbrella with Fabric Hem

This 52″ arc auto opening umbrella features a stylish clear canopy with 6″ fabric hem for decorating and a plastic color matching handle. For personalized umbrellas with a classic look, bubble umbrellas are a popular and attractive option. Because bubble umbrellas make it easier to view your surroundings while walking, they also make effective promotional products for safety campaigns.

Peerless Umbrella Thank You

Looking for company umbrellas to buy in bulk that will make great thank you gifts for employees or clients? The Peerless Thank You Umbrella was made for just that! The underside of this 48” automatic opening umbrella is covered with the phrase “Thank You” in seven different languages. Also features a black rubberized handle and matching nylon sleeve.

Promotional Golf and Beach Umbrellas

58″ Windproof Fiberglass Golf Umbrella

promotional umbrellas with custom logo chair clip

High-performing golf umbrellas help protect golfers from sun, wind, and rain. This 58″ arc full size striped golf umbrella is windproof and features a vented canopy automatic open with full fiberglass construction on the 39” shaft and ribs for added durability.

58″ Slazenger Vented Sport Auto Open Folding Golf Umbrella

Automatic opening folding promotional golf umbrella featuring a vented pongee canopy with circular pattern on alternating panels. Slazenger logo printed on the bottom closure strap. Black pongee carry sleeve. EVA foam handle. Folds to 22″ long.

48″ Chair Clip Shade Umbrella

8″ manual opening umbrella features an adjustable rotating clip that secures it to any folding chair, stroller, or round frame of any kind up to 1″ diameter. Canopy is UV lined to keep you cool and protected from the sun’s UV rays while on the sideline, camping, or at the beach.

Titleist Single Canopy 58″ Umbrella

High-quality sun protection golf umbrella by Titleist. Offers great performance and UV protection in all weather conditions. Integrated proprietary designs. Enhanced features include UV protection, anti-inversion, soft foam handle.

Custom Travel Promotional Umbrellas

39″ totes Folding Mini Umbrella

promotional umbrellas with custom logo mini

Compact folding travel umbrella. Canopy opens to 39 inch arc. Folds to a compact 8.5 inches height and 5.25 diameter – perfect for stashing in your bag or pocket while on the go! Includes a convenient easy-carry wrist strap and tie strap for compact storage. Comes with totes Umbrellas Lifetime Warranty.

42″ Carabiner Clip 3-Section Folding Umbrella

42″ manual opening umbrella. A compact 3-section design that folds to just 11″ and features a versatile carabiner clip handle makes this umbrella the perfect travel companion. Clip it to your backpack, duffel, gym bag, or anywhere on the go.

Peerless Umbrella the Revolution

42″ arc, auto open folding umbrella with matching rubberized handle. Wind reflex frame for durability in wet and windy weather conditions. If frame should turn inside out, it will come back to shape without damaging the frame. Matching nylon sleeve included. Over 30 colors to choose from!

Promotional Umbrellas with Custom Logo

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