Branded Apparel Trends for 2021: Comfy Clothing, Illuminating Yellow & Function over (Fast) Fashion

Promotional apparel and wearable accessories will remain among the most popular promo items on the market in 2021. Wearables like t-shirts, jackets and hats are among the top branded promo items in terms of CPI (cost per impressions). A logoed hat that costs $10 will have a CPI of only 3/10 of a cent and a logoed t-shirt with a cost of $7 will have a CPI of only 2/10 of a cent. Promo t-shirts and promotional headwear like hats are well-loved by consumers and generate an average of 3,400 impressions throughout their lifetime.

Since consumers and marketers alike are so charmed by promo apparel, we decided to comb through our catalog to highlight some branded apparel items that we think will be popular in 2021. Our top picks were made based on information provided in the Advertising Specialty Institute’s recent article, Promo Apparel Trends for 2021.

Athleisure and Comfortable, Casual Apparel

Athleisure and Comfortable, Casual ApparelWith the growing trend of remote work showing no signs of slowing down in 2021, comfortable apparel favored by employees working from home will remain a popular promo apparel choice. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), “Athleisure and casual looks will stay a strong force as many embrace remote work indefinitely.”

Layering pieces that can be used by workers to dress up a bit – while remaining comfortable – and soft, textured fabrics such as corduroy, velour, tufted velvet and fleece are additional comfort fashion trends anticipated by promo apparel suppliers for 2021.

Some of our softest, most comfortable promotional apparel picks for 2021 that your employees and customers will love include:

Function over (Fast) Fashion

Function over (Fast) FashionPossibly owing to the growing consumer interest in environmentally friendly and sustainable products, promotional apparel suppliers indicate that consumers are looking for higher-quality apparel items that are built to last. Premium fabrics, multifunctional apparel (such as convertible clothing) and classic wardrobe pieces that never go out of style – such as blazers and crew neck sweaters – are increasingly popular consumer apparel trends.

Some of our favorite customizable wardrobe staples for 2021 include:

Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

Bright Colors and Bold PatternsPantone chose a warm yellow called Illuminating as one of their colors of the year. Described by Pantone as “a bright and cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity, a warming yellow shade imbued with solar power,” Illuminating is an “optimistic” color that should resonate with consumers looking forward to a return to normalcy in the coming year.

ASI also predicts that bright colors – as well as bold patterns such as animal-prints and tie dye patterns – will be popular with consumers in 2021.

Some brightly colored promo apparel options for 2021 include:

Protective Clothing and Accessories

Protective Clothing and AccessoriesASI also predicts that protective clothing – such as face masks and clothing made with antimicrobial fabrics – will be sought after by consumers as the Covid-19 pandemic continues into 2021. Techwear (functional clothing with special features such as water resistance, breathability, UV protection and moisture-wicking properties) is also popular with consumers right now.

Promotional apparel and accessories made with antimicrobial fabrics include:

‘90s Nostalgia and Outerwear

‘90s Nostalgia and OuterwearThe ‘90s apparel trends that started to make a comeback in 2020 – such as fanny packs, sweatsuits, neon clothing, leopard prints and tie-dye garments – are expected to remain trendy with many consumers well into 2021. With consumers adhering to social distancing recommendations by spending more time outdoors than ever before, outerwear is also expected to be sought-after throughout the year. Some on-trend outerwear and accessories that you may want to consider for 2021 include:

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