Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes to Say Thank You

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes

Employee appreciation gift boxes are carefully curated and beautifully packaged collections of useful and fun gifts for employees. They’re often given to employees as a tangible gesture of gratitude and to recognize exemplary contributions made to a company or organization. Gift boxes for employee appreciation are easy to mail, making them an ideal annual company … Read more

Company Swag Boxes – 6 Examples that Provide an Epic Unboxing Experience

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes - Company Swag Boxes

Updated October 2023 What do the best company swag boxes for customers, sales prospects, and employees all have in common? A solid theme. Useful, high-quality branded products – and fun swag, too. Plus great custom packaging. Company swag boxes are a cost-effective way to share your brand, culture, and corporate mission with sales prospects, customers, … Read more

Tech Swag Ideas: 15 Trendy Promotional Items for Technology Giveaways

Tech Swag Ideas

Updated September 2023 Technology promotional products (including personalized flash drives, wireless charging stations, branded drones, and waterproof earbuds) are frequently distributed to consumers via promotional events, trade shows, and direct mailing campaigns. According to research from the Advertising Specialty Institute, electronics and computer-related products (non-mobile tech) like USB Drives accounted for 2.6% of all promotional product sales … Read more

Best Swag Items for Trade Shows & Conferences – According to Attendees

Best Swag Items for Trade Shows & Conferences - According to Attendees 1

Updated September 2023 One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers is: What’s the best trade show swag? To help our customers make smart purchasing decisions, we like to look at both qualitative and quantitative research. Data and customer feedback helps us identify our most popular and effective promotional products. In … Read more

Wellness Boxes for Employees – 8 Employee Care Package Ideas

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes - Wellness

Updated September 2023 Happy, healthy employees are productive, high performing employees. Wellness boxes for employees – custom gift boxes containing health and wellness related products – make excellent office gifts, rewards, and incentives. Wellness-themed corporate gift boxes can help encourage staff to join workplace health management and wellness programs. They can also be given away … Read more

Swag Packs & Kits: Ideas, Examples & FAQ

swag packs: employee care packages

Updated June 2023 Kits of branded promotional items – aka swag packs – have become a popular way for brands to connect with customers. Swag packs also make effective employee incentives. The prevalence of remote work and virtual/hybrid meetings and events has driven this trend, in addition to the mass appeal of product unboxing videos … Read more

13 Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways

13 Unique Promotional Items for Creative Giveaways 2

Updated June 2023 Unique promotional items for creative giveaways are a great way to help your company stand out in a crowd, so we compiled a list of some of our favorite outside-the-box ideas for inspired branded gifts. Our top selections consist of clever designs that are both functional and fun and can be customized … Read more

The Best Customer Appreciation Day Gifts: 24 Personalized Gifts your Customers will Love

The Best Customer Appreciation Day Gifts: 24 Personalized Gifts your Customers will Love 3

Updated April 2023 The best Customer Appreciation Day gifts honor your relationship with your customers and show that you value them. Customer Appreciation celebrations can be held on any day, week, or month that works well for your company and customers. Many companies observe April 18th as National Customer Appreciation Day. Other businesses opt to … Read more

Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers – Games, Rewards & More

Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers – Games, Rewards & More 4

Employee engagement is often defined as the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in both their work and workplace. Some research indicates that telecommuting and location flexibility can positively affect employee engagement. A large survey of U.S. workers by Quantum Workplace found that productivity and engagement is highest among hybrid and remote workers, when they are … Read more

Which Industries Use the Most Promotional Products…and How Do They Use Them?

Promotional Product Uses

Many businesses, schools, sports teams, and government and nonprofit organizations use promotional products to promote their brands, products, and services. Promotional products that provide a low cost per impression are usually given away for free by companies and organizations to advertise an event. They’re also frequently used to thank employees, clients, volunteers, and donors. Promotional … Read more