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A BrandHub Online Company Store is the easiest way to manage and distribute digital marketing assets for your company or organization. There is no simpler way to ensure that appropriate sales materials can be quickly and securely accessed by their intended audience from anywhere, at any time.

More than just a place to make branded merchandise available to employees and customers, an online company store is a robust marketing digital asset management platform, capable of distributing curated collections of customizable marketing materials to sales teams, clients, or franchise owners. This includes digital assets such as email banners, digital flyers and posters, branded templates for social media, and promotional videos. You can create categories of digital files in your company store, restrict access to specific assets based on login credentials, and even require some users to pay a fee before downloading certain digital products, such as royalty-free videos.

Within your company store, users can easily create an account to find, print, download, and distribute your company’s digital assets. You can completely limit a store’s access to registered users only, if desired, making it simple to create a company resource site used by employees to access everything from spec sheets and sales flyers to custom business cards.

Variable Data Business Card Distribution

Mango Market

One of our favorite examples of using an online store to help marketing teams provide digital materials to a variety of stakeholders is Mango Market, an online store of promotional items – both digital marketing assets and branded merchandise.

We recently helped Mango Languages, an educational software company, set up Mango Market, an online store of promotional materials for their clients in the educational services industry. Mango Market is an easy-to-use website that provides Mango Languages customers (primarily schools, libraries, and other educational institutions) with access to digital marketing materials they can use to promote Mango Language’s subscription software to their communities.

The digital products offered in the Mango Market online store includes social media templates and web button images as well as printable bookmarks and posters. Some digital assets can be customized by the end user – for example, with a click of a button, a custom URL for the local institution can be added to a flyer.

with a click of a button, a custom URL can be added to a flyer

The customer can then download, print and distribute this flyer, which contains all the information needed by students and teachers to access the Mango Languages software through their school’s website.

Mango Market’s navigation menu and submenus help separate categories of assets by audience (ex: K-12 Schools and Libraries) and material type (ex: Posters and Web Buttons) while user restrictions ensure customers only see the materials they are meant to see.

navigation menu and submenus help separate categories of assets by audienc

Mango Languages also uses its online company store to offer branded merchandise – such as t-shirts and stickers – to their customers for purchase. These are often used as giveaways during school or library contests and events.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

For companies that need a lightweight SaaS digital asset management solution, a BrandHub Online Company Store is a simple, cost-effective option for organizing, locating, and distributing your company’s digital marketing assets from a cloud-based repository. Since the deployment and management of your online company store is completed for you by Metron Branding, the process of organizing and distributing your digital assets online is a seamless experience that will not require dedicated staff on your end.  In addition to digital marketing materials, you can also choose to offer branded merchandise in your company store at any time, making an online company store a good marketing value proposition for any business.

If you would like to learn more about how to use an online company store to manage and distribute your digital marketing assets to your customers and/or employees, contact us or fill out the form below.

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