18 Custom Work Shirts & Uniform Shirts Your Employees Will Love

Safety Team Shirts - Custom Shirt Designs

Custom work shirts and logo uniform shirts are essential for businesses in nearly every industry, from construction and mining to transportation and logistics to retail and hospitality.  Businesses use custom logo work shirts to enhance their brand image, promote professionalism, and create a unified appearance for their employees. Many large, service-based corporations, including insurance companies, … Read more

The 10 Most Popular Brands to Stock in your Corporate Apparel Store

Corporate Apparel Store Brands

Updated June 2023 When it comes time to order clothing for a corporate apparel store, it’s difficult to know what brands to get. Making a decision to get the best branded apparel for your store can take time. Knowing what’s popular in corporate apparel stores can help speed that process up. We took note of … Read more

What to Stock in a Great Company Apparel Online Store

Company Apparel Online Store

Attractive, comfortable, and high-quality company apparel is a must-have for growing businesses seeking a competitive edge. Perhaps your sales team needs a stylish, uniform look for trade shows and conferences. Maybe you just need some fashionable branded t-shirts for promotional giveaways. Whether you have a company apparel online store for employees or sell custom logo … Read more

Company Apparel Store for Employees Simplifies Sourcing and Distribution of Uniforms

Company Apparel Store from Metron Branding

A company apparel store for employees is a customizable website that makes it easy for your company’s distributed workforce to order apparel and accessories branded with your company’s logo. Your storefront can be locked to only allow entry if a password is entered, ensuring that only the right users (your hardworking employees) are able to … Read more

Branded Apparel Trends for 2021: Comfy Clothing, Illuminating Yellow & Function over (Fast) Fashion

Promotional Apparel Trends in 2021

Promotional apparel and wearable accessories will remain among the most popular promo items on the market in 2021. Wearables like t-shirts, jackets and hats are among the top branded promo items in terms of CPI (cost per impressions). A logoed hat that costs $10 will have a CPI of only 3/10 of a cent and … Read more

Connect with a Workforce Working From Home

Working From Home - WFH

Working from home (WFH) has been a growing trend for well over a decade. Forbes reported a Global Workplace Analytics graphic in January 2020 that indicated 159% growth in remote work over the previous 12 years. According to the 2019 National Compensation Survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 7% of civilian workers – … Read more