Employee Care Packages – 15 Must Haves & Examples

Employee care packages are a great way to show your employees that you support and appreciate them. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect employee care package.

What is an Employee Care Package?

An employee care package or corporate care package is a personalized bundle of gifts meant to help an employee feel appreciated and supported during a difficult time or life change. Employee care packages typically include items that encourage self-care and support mental wellness like aromatherapy candles, wearable blankets, Moleskine notebooks for journaling, and healthy (or indulgent) snacks.

Employee care packages for self-care and wellness can be sent spontaneously to help your staff avoid burnout – they can also be used to make a surprise paid day off feel even more special.

Many employers also send corporate care packages to employees at home on maternity or sick leave or to an employee quarantining from Covid-19. For workers returning to the office after working remotely for an extended time, a return to office care package can help make this transition feel less stressful.

What to include in an Employee Care Package?

Employee care packages should contain self-care items that promote rest and relaxation like:

  • Aromatherapy candles
  • Scented stress putty
  • Luxury skincare products
  • Herbal tea and/or coffee
  • Healthy snacks & maybe some chocolate too (after all, it’s high in tryptophan!)
  • Comfy socks & hats
  • Sweatsuits
  • Wearable blanket hoodies
  • Weighted eye mask or weighted blanket
  • Sleep sound machine
  • Indoor garden kits
  • Adult coloring books and colored pencils
  • Writing journals
  • Motivational business books (or bestselling beach reads)
  • Gift cards for restaurants, retail stores or your own online company store  

Wellness Care Package for Employees

Including wellness care packages for employees in your corporate wellness program is a great way to support mental health in the workplace and boost employee retention. Consider including some items like apparel or accessories that are branded with your company logo to help promote corporate culture and build team identity.

Help your staff avoid burnout by sending them custom self-care packages periodically throughout the year:

Overnighting a wellness care package whenever a staff member reports that they are feeling stressed out or plan to take a mental health day is a powerful way to demonstrate your support and concern for the wellbeing of your employees.

Quarantine Care Package for Employees

Quarantine care packages for employees who test positive for or were exposed to COVID-19 are popular with large corporations and small businesses alike. Quarantine can be an isolating and distressing experience, especially when someone is ill. A quarantine care package is essentially a get well soon care package that may contain quarantine essentials like at-home Covid-19 tests, hand sanitizer, and healthy snacks in addition to fun gifts that can cheer someone up like puzzles, fidget toys, or unique tech gadgets.

Any business can use quarantine care packages to support their employees if they are unable to work due to illness or exposure to COVID-19. Quarantine care packages can be customized with your logo and brand identity elements, too.

New Parent Care Package

Offering generous paid leave for new parents and other perks that help employees meet the needs of their growing families is a sound employee retention strategy.

Sending a corporate care package after the birth of a baby is a small but memorable way to demonstrate support for the new parents on your team. Corporate care packages for new parents often contain gift cards and branded items like baby bibs, blankets, and onesies.

Insight Global, an IT service management company, recently shared a “baby box” unboxing video on their business TikTok account. Recorded by an employee on maternity leave, the unboxing video features a bundle of personalized baby gifts sent to new parents who work at Insight Global.

One viewer commented: “I admire this kind of company culture SO much”

Employee Care Packages - Tik Tok

Return to Office Care Package

For employees returning to work after family or medical leave or sabbatical, a care package full of delicious snacks, cheerful office supplies and desktop toys, motivational business books, branded corporate workwear or other personalized gifts can be an effective way to demonstrate your support and appreciation for their professional efforts and commitment to your organization.

For employees working remotely during the pandemic, a welcome back to work gift bundle can also help ease the transition back to the office.  Consider including safety items for the office like custom face masks, keychain hand sanitizer, and social distancing wristbands.

Employee Care Packages – Demonstrate Support & Boost Employee Retention

A great employee care package will help make workers feel recognized, appreciated, and supported during difficult times and life’s milestones and transitions. Adding employee care packages to your corporate gifting program can also help address employee burnout and boost employee retention. For assistance with building the best employee care packages for your office, Contact Us Today:

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