Welcome Back to Work Gifts – Employee Gift Ideas to Motivate and Inspire your Team

After two years of remote work arrangements, large corporations like Google and Apple have begun welcoming their workers back to the office. With the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic now appearing to be over, many other companies will likely follow their lead in March and April 2022. Some companies, especially those in the competitive tech industry, will continue to use flexible work arrangements such as hybrid work models to accommodate their workers.

As more companies begin planning for post-pandemic life – which includes welcoming employees back to the office – it’s important to follow local health and safety guidelines to help workers feel safe in the office. Social distancing wristbands and custom PPE can help.  In addition, the following guide outlines a few employee gift ideas that your company can use to welcome your team back to the office this spring.

The Best Welcome Back Gift for Employees – Custom Gift Boxes

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Many offices use welcome back to work gifts to motivate and reward their diligent, dedicated employees after time spent out of the office for personal reasons or extended business travel. Employee gift boxes – full of useful items like custom apparel, tech accessories, and drinkware – are a great idea for businesses searching for the perfect welcome back gift for employees after covid or any other event.

Custom gift boxes are one of the best employee gift ideas for motivating and inspiring your employees. Equally useful for welcoming new hires to the team and welcoming telecommuting employees back to the office, employee gift boxes aka swag packs provide variety as well as an enjoyable, universally appealing unboxing experience for your employees.

Because employee gift boxes feature bundles of corporate swag customized with your company logo and colors, they can help promote company culture, build team identity, motivate your staff, and boost employee engagement.

The best employee gift boxes are attractively packaged for an epic unboxing experience. For maximum effectiveness, they should contain high-quality, practical items that are useful in an office environment like space-saving tea makers, scented stress relief putty, 3-in-1 charging docks, and mini desktop vacuums. Technology gadgets, office desk accessories, snacks, drinkware, apparel (e.g. logo shirts, hoodies, and jackets), and accessories (e.g. backpack coolers and custom logo umbrellas) are the most popular types of items to include in employee gift boxes.

Some employee gift boxes or gift sets may also have a theme like:

Employee Health & Wellness

Sweet and Savory Gourmet

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Employee Gift Boxes

An Employee Redemption Store (aka an online pop-up shop for employees) on our BrandHub Online Company Stores platform is a great way to distribute post covid welcome back gifts that your employees will appreciate.

Letting your employees choose their own gifts cuts down on environmental waste and lowers costs. An employee redemption store is a secure, mobile-friendly online storefront which takes the stress out of gifting giving by:

  • Providing your employees with the opportunity to select the gifts they really want – in the right sizes, styles, and colors
  • Automating and outsourcing the tasks involved in procuring and distributing custom gifts

Just distribute promo codes via email or note cards before (or after) your employees return to work. Your employees can use these promo codes to redeem a gift through your company’s online store. Metron Branding will customize, package, and ship employee welcome back gifts directly to any international office location.

Looking for Welcome Back to Work Gifts? We Can Help!

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