Setting up an Online Company Store for Employees

It’s 4:30 PM on a Monday. You’re trying to deal with the 200th email you’ve received about an apparel order for your new branch location. Your sales team is still waiting on their new business cards. Enough is enough, it’s time to make managing all that branded merchandise easy. It’s time to start an online company store for your employees. But where do you start?

Well, first off, you need to make sure a company store is the right solution for you. The easiest way to do that would be to have a consultation to see whether it will fit your needs or not. Let’s say that all goes great and you’ve confirmed that a company store is the best way to go. It’s time to get started with development. Ideally, the person you’re working with will go over the various features you’ll need for the store. This will include things like product setup, site design, payments, users, shipping, and special customizations specifically for your needs. It’s important that every facet is covered so that the store you end up can solve all your problems. You’d hate to launch a store just to realize that your users are expecting variable data products rather than static products. Going with a trusted online company store provider, like Metron Branding, can help make this process fast and simple. But what exactly goes into setting up a company store? Glad you asked! Here’s a breakdown on how we setup a company store:

Online Company Store Setup

Product Setup

(the part where you get to pick products for the store)

Product setup is the fun part for you. You get to go through our product catalog and choose the products you want on your store. We recommend starting out with our Store Starter Pack, a set of popular products that we have found to be perfect for company stores. We carry many popular brands great for stores such as Nike, Gildan, Port Authority, OGIO, and many many more!

Site Design

(making your store look good while staying on-brand)

As we all know, site design is important, especially for an online company store. We pride ourselves on making company stores that look good, perform well, and match up with your current site’s branding, giving your users a seamless experience when transitioning between the two. Ultimately, the site design is up to you! Maybe you think your current site is hideous and want something completely different? Maybe you want the exact same look as your current site? We’re happy to accommodate your design needs to make your store the very best it can be!

Payments, Users, and Shipping

(and all that other boring stuff)

You want your site to have it all. You want to give out budgets and promo codes and gift cards to your users. So go for it! Our platform gives you endless options to play around with: specific user assignments, decrementing coupons, restricted start and end dates, and the best part of it all is you have free reign to set it all up yourself whenever you need them. You can also create users, groups, limit access to certain products & categories, and control many aspects of a store user’s experience. Our system supports multiple currencies and countries and we can even use your payment processor if you want to manage credit card payments on your store.

Special Customizations and Development

(where things get technical)

Sometimes your online company store needs something a little extra to really make it optimized for you. We understand this, so that’s why we offer customizations (such as SSO) and custom development to make sure that everything you need is there for you.


Finally, the day has come. Your store is ready to launch, everything is properly setup and ready to go. Type out that launch email that you’ve been so anxious to send to let everyone in your company know it’s up, then lean back and relax. Let us here at Metron and your online company store handle the rest.

Sounds great, right? Get your online company store started with Metron Branding today.