Online Company Store Reports & Analytics: 5 Reports Every Manager Should Use

Reports and analytics are a vital part of any business and this rings true for online company stores as well. Having access to your online company store data is the key to improving and optimizing your store. Online company store reports are used for a myriad of things. You can use order reports to find your top selling items. You can use product reports to find out what items aren’t doing well and replace them or increase the max inventory held of a product to keep up with demand. We’ve identified 5 of the most important online company store reports that our users utilize when analyzing their online company store data. But first, let’s go over what online company store reports are and how they work in a BrandHub online company store.

Online Company Store Reports & The BrandHub Store Platform

Reports and analytics on the BrandHub platform are a core feature and available for all of our admin accounts. When logging into your admin account, you can simply click the Reports tab and you’ll reach our Reports page. From there, you can begin viewing and downloading your online company store reports.

online company store reports min

Order Reports

Order reports refer to all reports related to orders. A basic order report shows you all orders placed on the store and helps provide an overview on spend and usage of the store. You can see who’s placed orders on the store, what items they’ve purchased, and the status of all current orders on the store. All this comes together to help improve your decision making in regards to your online company store. For example, you can use an order report to figure out the average order value on your store and create a promo code for a value above the average order value, helping push your average order value up and getting your users to buy more by hitting the value sweet-spot. Our order reports are available in both XLSX and PDF formats, so whether you need to send the report off to someone to review or work with the data to come up with new insights, we have you covered.

sales summary order report
Sales Summary Order Report

Budget/Gift Card/Discount Reports

Budget, gift card, and discount reports all refer to reports related to the usage of budgets, gift cards, and discounts. Budgets are commonly used to provide a spending account for employees to purchase company gear, such as safety gear for construction companies and print material for salespeople. You can use budget reports to keep track of spending and ensure that your users are properly using their budgets. If your store has approval rules tied to budgets, you can also pull a report to see orders pending approval and declined orders to gauge how your order approval process is doing. Gift card reports can be used for similar purposes to track the usage of gift cards across the store. According to the Incentive Research Foundation, gift cards are now the most frequently used reward in corporate incentive programs. Gift card reports let you see what gift cards are currently active on the store and what orders they’ve been used on. Discounts are one-time use codes that can be used for more specific promotions, such as free shipping or a percentage discount on a certain item. Discount reports let you see what discounts are currently active and the amount of times a discount has been redeemed on the store. Having this information in hand lets you make informed decisions on what discounts to push out to your users.

gift card report
Gift Card Report

Product Reports

Products, whether they’re made-to-order, inventory, or digital, are an important part of your online company store. Keeping track of what products are being purchased and used is a necessary part of any store administrator’s workload. Product reports let you do all that and more, giving you a birds eye view on your products. You can see what made-to-order products are selling well, what inventory products need to be restocked and kept fresh, and what digital products are performing the best in your store, all in one place.

inventory product report
Inventory Product Report

User Reports

Users are the lifeblood of an online company store, so it’s important to pay attention to what your users are doing on the store. With user reports, you can see who has an account on the store, check user group assignments, and see how active your users are on the store. For restricted access stores, user reports are a great way to ensure that only users that you allow have access to the store.

store user report
Store User Report

Custom Reports

What happens if you need a report that you can’t find on the platform? Just like custom development, we offer custom reports, reports that we personally create for you to use based on your specifications and needs. One example of a custom report we’ve created for a client of ours is a PDF download report that tracked total and unique clicks for each digital asset on their store. They were able to leverage this information to see what content was performing well on the store while simultaneously showing ROI from their company store.

Reporting is an important part for an online company store and when it comes to BrandHub reports, the sky is the limit. Fill out the form below to get started today.