The Best Swag for Tech Companies

The technology industry is currently the 10th largest market for promotional products sales in the United States. According to research from the Advertising Specialty Institute, 5% of all promotional product sales in 2021 were made to tech companies.

When it comes to selecting the best promotional products or swag for technology trade shows, conferences and promotional marketing campaigns, factors such as budget, target market, and marketing campaign goals/objectives will need to be considered. In general, attractive, useful, and high-quality promotional items that provide a low cost per impression will deliver the best ROI for companies in the information technology industry.

The Best Swag for Tech Companies, According to Market Research

The best swag for tech companies to give away in 2022 includes in-demand, quality apparel such as outerwear and performance wear.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s 2022 Ad Impressions Study, outerwear like corporate logo jackets is the best type of swag to give away to influence consumers to conduct business with your company. Performance wear like custom moisture-wicking shirts is also highly influential with U.S. consumers right now.

best swag for tech companies - jackets

Outerwear Swag for Tech Companies

best swag for tech companies - performance wear

Performance Wear Swag for Tech Companies

The Advertising Specialty Institute’s latest market research also uses geographic and demographic segmentation strategies to help advertisers select the best promotional products for their target audience.  Technology companies setting up a promotional products campaign for tech industry workers and/or clients in California, for example, may want to consider customizing items like desk accessories, health & safety products, drinkware, and t-shirts. These promotional items are most likely to influence California residents to conduct business with your company.

best swag for tech companies - desk

Desk Accessories Swag for California Employees

best swag for tech companies - health

Health & Safety Swag for California Employees

Planners of promotional campaigns targeting consumers in the 18-24 year old demographic, on the other hand, may want to consider utilizing practical accessories such as bags and umbrellas along with outerwear, performance wear and health and safety items.

best swag for tech companies - bags

Bags Swag for 18-24 Year Old Employees

best swag for tech companies - umbrellas

Umbrella Swag for 18-24 Year Old Employees

The Best Swag for Tech Companies: Trade Show & Convention Swag

When it comes to selecting the best swag to hand out at tech trade shows, conferences and expos, tech corporations and startups should spend their advertising dollars on quality items that have mass appeal. Most trade show attendees prefer to receive useful freebies such as name brand travel tumblers, sticky notes, mints, and power banks. Practical swag items are cost-effective and more likely to be kept for a long time (and generate thousands of advertising impressions throughout their lifetime).

Attractive branding and packaging are another key feature of great trade show swag. For the right audience, clever designs that incorporate industry references or lingo can turn an everyday item into a cherished product.

Carefully selecting and customizing items that your audience will find uniquely useful or delightful, whenever possible, is a sound strategy for planning tech conference, convention and trade show giveaways that drive traffic to your booth – and may even generate valuable online publicity.

Sony, for example, garnered lots of social media buzz by distributing PlayStation branded hand sanitizer at gaming expos and conventions throughout the U.S. Gamers appreciated the novelty and functionality of such an item – even before the COVID-19 pandemic began and travel-size hand sanitizer became a sought-after commodity.

When in doubt, laptop stickers and branded t-shirts, hoodies and socks are classic swag items for tech industry events.

The Best Swag for Tech Companies: Partner & Developer Swag

Strong technology partner programs and developer communities are crucial to the success of many enterprise software companies. Some tech companies also need to find ways to recognize and reward the efforts of moderator and beta testing communities.

When it comes to selecting the best swag to gift to technology partners and developer community members, personalization is essential. Some gift options that can help your partners and developers feel recognized and appreciated include: handwritten notes paired with limited edition branded merch, handmade or artisan items, and carefully curated bundles of swag.

Special decoration methods like embroidery and laser engraving can also give your swag a singular look.

The Best Swag for Tech Companies: Employee Swag

Best Swag for Tech Companies - Swag Box

While most promotional products are given away to sales prospects and VIP clients, many tech corporations and startups also provide their workforce with branded swag items like apparel, accessories, drinkware, and desk accessories. Curated collections of company swag are also increasingly popular gifts for company milestone celebrations, like IPO announcements.

From employee recruitment and onboarding gifts to branded t-shirts and team jackets for annual retreats, company swag is useful throughout the employee lifecycle.

For some employee swag ideas and examples from top tech companies, check out our guide to Tech Company Merchandise for Employees.

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