Company Swag Boxes – 6 Examples that Provide an Epic Unboxing Experience

Updated October 2023

What do the best company swag boxes for customers, sales prospects, and employees all have in common?

A solid theme.

Useful, high-quality branded products – and fun swag, too.

Plus great custom packaging.

Company swag boxes are a cost-effective way to share your brand, culture, and corporate mission with sales prospects, customers, and new hires. Carefully curated and attractively packaged corporate swag boxes also encourage social sharing and can turn loyal customers into de facto brand ambassadors.

What is in a Swag Box?

Swag boxes are kits or bundles of branded corporate gifts like apparel, accessories, drinkware, tech items, and snacks. An updated version of the iconic swag bag, company swag boxes utilize branded packaging elements like premium gift boxes and personalized gift cards to create a delightful unboxing experience for clients, sales prospects, and employees.

The best swag boxes:

  • contain a thoughtfully curated, meaningful mix of useful/practical and fun/whimsical items (such as branded stickers, pins, and sweet or savory treats)
  • follow a theme whether it’s specific (e.g. road trip) or more general (e.g. travel gear & accessories)
  • have great branded packaging that offers an engaging unboxing experience (and maybe even tells a story)

Balance is Key – Company Swag Boxes Should be Useful and Fun

Truly effective company swag boxes, also known as swag packs, feature high-quality, practical items that have mass appeal like custom apparel, accessories, and drinkware. They should also contain something unexpected and fun – like custom pins, stickers, snacks, desk toys – or even a mini pinata.

This balance is key. To get the most out of your promotional budget, custom swag boxes need to contain items that most recipients will find useful in everyday life – branded products that have longevity and provide low cost per impression. However, an exceptional swag box should also surprise and delight the recipient – and maybe even evoke a sense of whimsy or childlike wonder. Creating that feeling requires more than just practical stuff.

That’s why custom pins, stickers, toys, and gourmet treats can be a great addition to most swag boxes. Cheap yet delightful, these small gifts can remind us of childhood birthday party favors and Christmas stocking stuffers. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and a key reason why retro promotional items are trending with marketers.

Variety is also very important when it comes to building a company swag box that delivers surprise, excitement, and a solid dose of dopamine. That’s why so many companies are learning that building a custom gift box full of small swag items can be more impactful and cost-effective than gifting one large promotional product. 

Some examples of company swag boxes that are functional, fun, and full of variety:

Rustic Swag Box

Company Swag Boxes - Trailblazer


This attractive, rustic swag box is full of useful customizable items like the Finley Mill Stashlight, Multitool, and Grabit Bottle Opener, as well as mouthwatering, indulgent treats including gourmet pretzels, stoneground mustard, seasoned nuts, and chocolate bourbon cookies. It’s the perfect company swag box for a corporate retreat or sales kickoff meeting.

Cozy Swag Box

Company Swag Boxes - Sweet Retreat

Sweet Retreat

Ignite warm and fuzzy feelings with a cheerful gift that has something sweet, something soft, and something for sipping! This swag box promotes self-care and a cozy, hygge lifestyle. Includes Makabi & Sons Capri Cookies, McCrea’s Caramels Cape Cod Sea Salt Caramels, and customizable swag: Neon Cube Vanilla Lip Moisturizer, Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass, and a Mink Sherpa Blanket. Everything comes packaged with a handwritten, personalized gift card.

Looking to Build an Unforgettable Swag Box? Make Sure to Pick a Memorable Theme

Carefully curating the contents of your swag box is key to creating an unforgettable gift.

Building a swag box around a theme that has mass appeal (e.g. movie night, Italian dinner, tea time) is the easiest way to create a memorable and extraordinary corporate gift.

Themed swag boxes are thoughtful custom gifts capable of providing an eventful unboxing experience. While some company swag boxes can have a general theme like wellness & self-care, others are much more specific (e.g. spa day or glamping). 

Some outstanding themed swag box ideas for employees and clients include:

Speakeasy Swag Box

Company Swag Boxes - Speakeasy

Speakeasy: Deluxe

A striking and enticing curated swag box, your sales prospects and clients will love the charming Art Deco Speakeasy theme and elegant collection of home mixology essentials. Slide the secret panel on the box to gain exclusive access to the dark & rich flavors & classy, matte black products stored within.

Cookie Break Swag Box

Company Swag Boxes - Cookies and Crumbs

Cookies + Crumbs: Deluxe

One of the best swag boxes for employees, featuring an extensive selection of gourmet cookies and a customizable mini desktop vacuum to clean up all the crumbs!

Impactful Branded Packaging Ties Everything Together

When it comes to building great company swag boxes, packaging should never be an afterthought.

After all, packaging is a principal part of a meaningful gift. Exceptional branded packaging can help transform a corporate gift from run-of-the-mill to extra special. Attractive branded packaging will also help create an epic unboxing experience for your customers.

A few simple ways to make your swag boxes look great include:

  • customizing some or all the items in your swag box with your corporate logo and colors
  • incorporating branded hashtags on the inside cover of your gift box to encourage social sharing
  • using a gift box design that helps communicate and support your brand story
  • using a gift box design that helps tie together your swag box theme

A few examples of swag boxes that incorporate clever branded packaging include:

Unique Swag Box

Company Swag Boxes - Outside the Lines

Outside The Lines

An unusual and distinctive company swag box for anyone who colors outside the lines. Featuring unique artisan treats like Hello I’m Ugly Upcycled Peaches and Rulebreaker Snacks Chocolate Chunk Blondie, along with a 3-in-1 phone/tablet/pen holder that can be customized to feature your company logo. The customizable gift box features an artistic abstract design that perfectly supports this gift’s creative theme.

Snack Swag Box

Company Swag Boxes - Snack Attack

Snack Attack

The ultimate snack gift box featuring a delectable selection of gourmet snacks and fun snack-themed pins, along with a personalized gift card. Everything comes packaged in a colorful and whimsical gift box decorated with comic speech bubbles proclaiming “Yum” and “Break time!” and other snackish sayings.

Company Swag Boxes – the Sky Is the Limit

Company swag boxes can help your business accomplish many different sales & marketing goals – from optimizing sales leads to increasing brand awareness and loyalty.

At Metron Branding, we specialize in custom curated swag boxes. From holiday gifts for employees to new hire welcome kits, we can create a customized kit designed to reward staff and boost morale. To learn more about how to use company swag boxes to motivate employees, check out our Precisely SKO (Sales Kick Off) case study.

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