5 Best Promotional Products for Michigan Companies

Breathtaking shorelines, starry skies, family fun, outdoor adventures and places to shop, eat and stay local—everyone can experience it all in Pure Michigan. In consideration of our home state, we’ve analyzed the best promotional products for Michigan companies to give away in 2022. They are are custom outerwear, accessories, and office supplies that have mass appeal and provide low cost per impression.

For the best return on investment, promotional products should be selected with the preferences of your target market in mind. The goals and objectives of your advertising campaign will also need to be considered. Your brand voice and style guidelines should guide decoration and packaging choices.

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For Michigan corporations and small businesses planning local promotional campaigns in 2022, check out our guide below to the best promotional products for Michigan residents, based on recent research from the Advertising Specialty Institute.

The Most Influential Promotional Products for Michigan Residents

According to the 2022 Ad Impressions Study from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), these five promotional items are most likely to influence Michigan consumers to do business with your company:

#5 – Umbrellas

promotional products for Michigan - umbrellas

As a promotional products company located in metro Detroit, we weren’t surprised that ASI’s latest research revealed that Michigan residents love receiving promotional umbrellas from companies.

After all, Michigan weather is notoriously unpredictable. In fact, people here are quite fond of the saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Michigan, wait five minutes.”

Help your Michigan customers and sales prospects cope with fickle weather conditions by providing them with high-quality custom rain, golf, and sun umbrellas. Check out our Promotional Umbrellas Guide to get started.

#4 – Face Masks

promotional products for Michigan - Face Masks

When ASI surveyed nearly 40,000 U.S. consumers in 2021, branded face masks were listed as a top promotional product in all states, including Michigan.

While face masks aren’t as widely used now as they were in 2021, many Michigan consumers still use protective face masks during extended travel, while visiting medical facilities, or when spending time in crowded indoor spaces – especially during COVID-19 surges.

Logo face masks will continue to be an effective promotional item for Michigan hospitals and healthcare companies to give away to community members, especially during fall and winter 2022-2023.

If your organization is planning a health & safety promotional campaign in 2022, check out our quick guide to The Best Custom Branded Face Masks.

#3 – Writing Instruments

promotional products for Michigan - pens

Look no further than the humble pen for a budget-friendly advertising opportunity that works in 2022. Michigan residents like receiving promotional writing instruments like pens, pencils, and highlighters – a lot. Among Michiganders, customized writing instruments like logo pens were more influential than costlier promotional items such as polo shirts and power banks!

That’s great news for Michigan companies. After all, a promotional pen that costs $1 has a cost per impression (CPI) of less than 1/10 of a cent! And promotional writing instruments generate an impressive 3,000 advertising impressions on average throughout their lifetime.

When it comes to selecting custom pens and other writing instruments like Sharpies, quality matters a lot, especially if you want to ensure that your promotional items are widely used and kept for a long time.

If your company is interested in using writing instruments for a promotional campaign in 2022, be sure to browse our Pens and Highlighters collections for ideas and inspiration.

#2 – Outerwear

Michigan residents spend a lot of time outdoors, in all seasons. So it makes sense that the #2 most influential promotional products for Michigan consumers is outerwear like jackets and coats.

promotional products for Michigan - carhartt

Outdoor recreation is a serious pastime (and flourishing industry) in Michigan. As a result, promotional outerwear can help your business make a meaningful and lasting impression on Michigan consumers located in major metro areas like Detroit and Grand Rapids as well as more rural regions like the U.P. A promotional jacket that costs $20 will:

  • have a CPI of 3/10 of a cent;
  • be kept by consumers for 16 months on average;
  • generate 6,100 impressions throughout its lifetime!

Looking for the best outerwear brand for promotional giveaways in Michigan? Custom Carhartt jackets are a popular giveaway item. Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, Carhartt is an iconic workwear brand that is beloved by older and younger consumers alike.

Check out our Jackets collection to browse bestselling promotional outerwear styles for 2022.

#1 – Bags

promotional items for Michigan - bags

Maybe Michiganders have a lot of stuff to haul around. Maybe we just like to stay organized and prepared for anything.

Whatever the reason…promotional bags like tote bags and computer messenger bags are the #1 best promotional product to give away to sales prospects and customers in Michigan, according to ASI’s research.

Browse our Accessories collection to find the best promotional bags for your business in 2022.

Promotional Products for Michigan: Industry Insights & Case Studies

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