Collect First-Party Data with Free Swag Giveaways

Marketers are learning to collect first-party data in order to avoid the changing whims of tech companies who had otherwise been the keepers of third-party data. By 2024, third-party cookies will be phased out of Google Chrome, the most popular Internet browser in the world. When Apple made it easy for its users opt out of third-party data collection last year, a mere 4% of users on average allow the continued collection of their data by advertisers.

To roll out personalized advertising campaigns at scale in the future, B2C brands will need to find creative ways to collect first-party data responsibly. That’s why top consumer brands like Molson Coors and McDonald’s are incorporating incentives such as exclusive swag giveaways and loyalty reward programs into their strategies to collect first-party data.

First-Party Data is the Future of Digital Advertising

Accurate. Reliable. Effective.

First-party data, information your company collects directly from customers, social media followers, and website visitors, helps your brand adapt to new privacy regulations and technological changes.

Large consumer brands can also save a lot of money when they collect first-party data on their own.

Noodles & Company, for example, relies on the collection of customer-first data to drive their targeted digital advertising efforts. According to their 2021 10-K annual report, “We use first party data to be more effective and efficient with our advertising spend, and to ensure we are improving the return on our investment.”

To collect first-party data that provides more reliable customer insights, Noodles & Company expanded their customer loyalty program over the past few years, by adding gamification features to their mobile app such as limited-time offers and rewards points.

Molson Coors is another major food and beverage brand that has recently sought to increase their collection of first-party data. Molson Coors compiled 1 million+ customer profiles by giving away beer swag via social media sweepstakes and bar contests. According to AdExchanger, “Molson credits its first-party data-gathering efforts with more than $300,000 in savings on data fees for online ads.”

Exclusive App Giveaways: The Easiest Way to Collect First-Party Data

Onboarding more mobile app users is a key strategy used by quick service restaurant companies like Noodles & Company and McDonald’s to acquire valuable first-party data on individual customers. Offering limited edition and exclusive co-branded merchandise to mobile app users is a cost-effective way to drive new app downloads.

McDonald’s, for example, boosted new mobile app downloads in December 2021 by giving away free merchandise featuring Mariah Carey’s signature and likeness to thousands of their app users. To become eligible for the free shirts, beanies and other exclusive branded merch from the limited run McDonalds x Mariah collection, customers were required to make a $1 minimum purchase through the McDonalds app and provide their name and shipping information as well.

Boost Sweepstake Signups and Generate Buzz with Limited Edition Swag

The best brand giveaways and sweepstake prizes include unique travel experiences and limited edition swag that brand enthusiasts will covet.

Collect First-Party Data - Cheetos Instagram

Unique branded merchandise can also help generate buzz in industry and news publications. When it comes to successful brand giveaways and sweepstakes, publicity is crucial, since this increases contest participation – which ultimately allows brands to collect more valuable first-party data.

Adapt to a Cookieless Future with Branded Swag Giveaways

First-party data collection is essential for large consumer-facing brands as they adapt to a cookieless future while seeking to gain market share via personalized digital advertising campaigns. Swag giveaways are increasingly being incorporated into marketing strategies of major brands to collect first-party data for several reasons:

1 – exclusive swag is highly sought-after by brand enthusiasts and influencers

2 – swag provides a tangible reminder of your brand

3 – swag giveaways accelerate brand loyalty and growth

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