Reach Construction Companies with this Tried-and-True Promotional Strategy

Soaring demand for new single-family residential homes has helped the U.S. construction industry recover from 2020’s pandemic-related losses. According to CNBC, the price of new single-family homes in the U.S. are at record levels and “the increases are accelerating at the fastest clip in over 15 years.” While soaring labor and material costs caused new construction production to slow in April 2021 (compared to March), the outlook for new residential construction for the remainder of 2021 is still looking good.

Commercial construction may also be making a comeback. A recently released report by Autodesk, U.S. Construction Outlook 2021, indicates that, as of March 1st, commercial bidding activity has already surpassed pre-pandemic levels.

Astute realtors and manufacturers/distributors of construction equipment and supplies will look for opportunities to increase their brand awareness in key markets during this period of economic growth. Promotional products provide a cost-effective way for any businesses operating in the construction and real estate industries to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Promotional Strategy Case Study: Chill Out with RPB® Safety

Promotional Strategy to Reach Construction Companies

RPB® Safety, an industrial respirator and safety equipment supplier, wanted to get ahead of their competition with a promotion targeting construction companies during their busy summer season. They planned to offer a free cooling accessory with the purchase of select respirators that would keep workers cool during the hot summer months. It was essential that construction companies seeking respiratory protection would take note of their cost-saving offer, so they turned to Metron Branding to ensure the success of this lead-generation campaign.

A promotional mailer was sent out to advertise RPB’s core construction related product line and informed the recipient that they would be rewarded for purchasing select respirators and registering them on their website. The reward would include the free worker-cooling accessory along with an RPB branded cooler filled with energy drinks. The perfect all-around combination of swag for busy construction sites in the scorching summer heat.

The summertime promotion was a rousing success, resulting in a notable increase in sales. The mailer and giveaway also led to a 20% increase in online product registration for RPB.

Promotional Products that Reach Construction Companies

We think this promotional campaign did so well because a clear goal was set, the audience was uniquely engaged, and the promo materials clearly showcased the product. Additionally, the promotional products used were thoughtfully selected and well timed.

  • The promotion was seasonal – Construction promotions that offer freebies should consider the season (e.g. think about distributing summer swag in July and August and cold-weather promotional items like winter hats or gloves in November or December). That is exactly what we did with RPB by choosing a beverage cooler for a summer promotion.
  • The promotional products were useful – promotional products that customers find functional (like coolers, hats or insulated tumblers) will generate a higher number of advertising impressions during their lifetime than gimmicky (but not very practical) toys and gadgets.
  • Lead generation was assured – By requiring product registration to earn the free cooling device and promotional product kit, RPB gained a lot of useful information on their end users regardless of which distribution channel they used to procure their products.
  • Unified brand identity throughout – The mailer, cooling accessory and promotional gift sent to RPB’s target audience benefited from consistent visual branding and core messaging. Unified brand identity leads to better trust and recognition among your prospects. By partnering with Metron Branding, RPB ensured a promotion with consistent branding that improved brand awareness among their clients and potential customers.

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