Gifts for Interns – National Intern Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for Interns

Internship programs are a cost-effective way to identify and retain talented individuals for long-term employment. In fact, the conversion rate for 2021-22 interns to full-time employees grew to 57.6% in 2022, according to research published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Internship programs can also help bring fresh perspectives into a workplace, increase productivity, and provide valuable mentorship opportunities for existing employees.

To attract quality candidates, internship programs must provide practical real-world experience and adequate compensation. Internships should also be well-planned and engaging.

Gifts for interns (including welcome gifts for interns and internship care packages) are key to keeping them engaged and demonstrating your appreciation. Quality intern gifts that are social media share-worthy can also help improve employer branding and talent acquisition efforts.

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Gifts can be used throughout an internship to help build a positive and engaging internship experience. Welcome gifts, small thank you gifts and tokens of appreciation, gifts to celebrate and commemorate National Intern Day, and farewell gifts for interns can all be used to create a workplace culture that attracts – and retains – top talent. Gifts are a tangible and inexpensive way for companies to demonstrate appreciation for their hardworking and dedicated interns, who may one day become full-time employees.

Some of our favorite intern gift ideas for 2023 include:

Intern Swag Packages

Incorporating gifts into the intern onboarding process is a simple way to amplify engagement and improve motivation right from the start. It sets a positive tone for the internship experience and shows that a company values the contributions of their interns.

Many corporations and organizations use packages of swag for interns (aka intern care packages) to welcome students or new grads into an internship program.

Key items to include in an intern swag package include:

  • apparel and accessories branded with your company logo;
  • branded office supplies like notebooks, padfolios, and desktop whiteboards;
  • quality travel tumblers and water bottles (to keep them hydrated while hard at work);
  • and healthy snacks like nut and seed bars, seaweed snacks, and popcorn.

To learn more about building custom swag packages to welcome interns and new hires, check out our guide to Swag Packs & Kits.

Box Seats & Other Experiential Gifts

When it comes to celebrating National Intern Day (held annually on the last Thursday in July), gifts that create lasting memories and promote team bonding are ideal.

Some companies use experiential gifts or experience gifts to show their appreciation on National Intern Day. Popular experiential gifts include luxury box seat tickets to sporting events or concerts, fine dining experiences, and spa days or other wellness experiences.

To celebrate National Intern Day, we also suggest providing interns with a small tangible gift that aligns with their experiential gift, such as a wellness gift box that encourages relaxation and self-care long after the spa day or retreat is over. Tangible gifts (such as a framed photo of a group event) can also help remind them of their positive experience with your company for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Outerwear, Bags, & Umbrellas

Some of the best thank you and goodbye gifts for interns in 2023 include eco-friendly outerwear and accessories like tentree jackets, Cotopaxi bags, and umbrellas made from recycled materials. These sustainably made apparel and accessory items can be branded with a company logo to promote your employer brand.

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So why exactly did we choose eco-friendly outerwear, bags, and umbrellas as the best gifts for interns in 2023? Because research indicates these are the types of corporate gifts they’d most like to receive:

  • Most interns fall within the age range of 18-to-24 years old. These are typically undergraduate students pursuing their bachelor’s degrees. Research from the Advertising Specialty Institute indicates that outerwear, bags, performance wear, and umbrellas are some of the best promotional gifts to give to Americans in the 18-24 demographic.
  • Surveys of Gen Z workers also indicate that most of them would prefer to work for environmentally responsible companies. Gifting reusable and long-lasting items like outerwear and bags made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials is an easy way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to reducing environmental waste.

The Gift of Choice

Allowing your summer associates, interns, and employees the opportunity to choose their own company gifts in an online company store is another simple way to reduce environmental waste in corporate gifting. An online company store makes it easy for interns and new hires to select their own gifts and incentives including:

To learn more, visit our Complete Guide to Online Company Stores.

Help with Choosing Gifts for Interns

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