Unlocking your Online Company Store’s Potential with Approval Rules and Custom Workflows

Our online company stores come packed full of features that help make your experience fast, easy, and efficient. Today, we’re going over two of these features: approval rules and custom workflows. Approval rules allow users to submit their order for approval, ensuring that everything goes through a core user or group of users. There are two different rule types, parallel rules and sequential rules.

  • Parallel rules are processed at the same time, regardless of the order of approvals. All required managers must approve the order before it’s submitted. If even a single manager rejects the order, the order is declined, and no individual manager may override decisions.
  • Sequential rules are processed one at a time and in the order listed by the Admin interface. You can use the Admin interface to change the order and process them as you see fit. These rules are processed each time an order is submitted or approved, starting with the first rule and ending with the last. The system first checks to see if the first rule is found to be true. Rules are checked to see if their conditions are met. If the first rule is found to be true, the system no longer needs to check for conditions and the order is sent to the designated manager. If it is not found to be true, the system continues checking rules until all have been evaluated and all needed approvals have been granted. Once the rule check is concluded, the order is submitted. If a manager doesn’t approve an order, it ends up declined and the user is notified.

These rules give managers a great amount of control over their users orders, ensuring even the strictest of company guidelines can be met easily and quickly.

Custom workflows help streamline interactions between your company and your company store. These include integrations such as Auto-Profile Login/Single Sign-On, and Punchout Integration. Our Auto Profile Logon service gives your users that are already logged into your company site access to your company store without needing to enter a username or password. This will also auto-generate a store account if the user doesn’t currently have one, getting your employees up to speed with their company store even faster. PunchOut connects your store with ERPs like Ariba and SAP and maintains a connection between the two, eliminating inefficiencies that can stem from using multiple supplier systems.

To get a detailed rundown of our custom workflow solutions and other company store features, schedule a demo orĀ contact us today!

Parallel Rules Online Company Store
Parallel Rules
Sequential Rules Online Company Store
Sequential Rules