Choose Metron Branding – Because Brand Identity Consistency Matters

Choose Metron Branding because you understand that branding is important. You have implemented marketing strategies focused on creating a memorable brand that builds a meaningful emotional bond between your customers and your products and services. With the help of professional designers you have developed a compelling brand logo that resonates with your audience and your brand style guide includes strict guidelines for delivering visual cues and how your brand says what it says. All this has fed into the development of a marketing plan that includes a clear mission statement, KPIs to measure success, a definition of buyer personas, a description of content initiatives and strategies, identification of competitors and plan omissions, a set budget, and a clear indication of the contributors and their responsibilities. With your meticulous focus on developing an airtight marketing strategy, leveraging your brand identity – what consumers see – into a world class brand image – how consumers perceive what they see – is not the step at which you would settle for anything less than the best.

Importance of a Consistent Identity

A brand’s identity is made up of visible elements from the colors and shapes in your logo to the collateral it adorns and is what identifies and distinguishes brands in the mind of consumers. A stronger and more unified brand identity leads to better recognition among your prospects, growing trust and a better ability to attract better, higher paying clients. According to the American Marketing Association, “The totality of the means we use to reflect brand personality should be intuitive, memorable, honest and insightful, while building affection and being economical with how much attention it requires from participants.” However, “our goal is to communicate a lot of information about a brand’s differentiating attributes quickly and if there is any misalignment between tone, words, the look, the feel, the associated smells or tastes or textures, we might not only be communicating more slowly, our customers might be walking away with the wrong impression entirely.”

A Dependable Vendor or Your Partner in Marketing

With more than 3 and a half decades of experience in developing, designing, and implementing print and promotional campaigns for our customers, Metron Branding is strategically positioned to serve local, regional, and global brands with a host of marketing services that can be customized to precisely meet your specific needs. Whether you need a full-service promotional marketing partner to be your marketing team, a dependable vendor that can be counted on to support your existing teams, or need unique help with a single project or event, we are here for you with a host of services to choose from.

Dedicated Account Managers Take Personal Ownership of Identity Consistency

Your account manager at Metron Branding takes pride in being a steward for your brand and has a fundamental understanding of the best practices for developing promotional marketing strategies with clearly defined tactics for implementation. From start to finish your account manager is personally responsible for understanding your needs, helping you understand the tools at your disposal, and ensuring consistent results while providing the transparency required for confidence in the successful outcome of every projection of your brand’s identity.

Simplified Oversight via Stakeholder Empowerment with Consistent Results

Managing the on-going needs from disparate teams across an organization for an array of promotional marketing materials requires personnel, storage, and workspace – a drain on resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. Our advanced technical team can significantly simplify this process with BrandHub Online Company Stores that empower stakeholders to help themselves with access to a fully customized store that has been carefully developed to match your brand and provide a seamless user experience with other resources like web sites or CRMs. Turn arduous tasks into easy automations. Easily automate inventory replenishments, order approvals, budget renewals, and more. No more fumbling with excel sheets and emails. We take care of it all for you.

  • Variable data products enable employees, franchisees, and customers to build custom materials such as business cards, letterhead, spec sheets and sales flyers, uniforms, and more that are specific to their project, location, position in the company, and/or other qualifications.
  • Approval rules and custom workflows define user rights to ensure each stakeholder has access to pre-approved collections and automates the approval process with predefined budgets and payment methods.
  • Host digital and print ready assets for self-service access, enabling teams to get what they need – when they need it.

Our online company stores are packed with the features you need to optimize your workflow and give you control to manage users, budgets, and more. Our platform is constantly getting updated and we are happy to adapt it to your needs.

Sourcing and Fabrication – All the Latest Gear and Materials

Over the years, we have assembled a far-reaching supply chain and leverage it to identify the latest trends that will showcase your brand with powerful ideas and custom merchandise tailored specifically for you. We pride ourselves on selecting only the highest quality promotional products and materials for our customers to use in connecting brands and their audiences together.

Decoration – Quality Controlled to Your Exacting Standards

With a host of in-house services and local access to expanded capabilities and expertise, we have the capacity to put your logo and personalized information on just about anything from apparel to gear using embroidery, screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG), heat-transfer, engraving, etc. With strict quality control procedures in place, we’re able to monitor the consistency of your brand identity.

Warehousing and Distribution – Brand Meets Stakeholder

Our modern warehouse is equipped with the latest tools like bar coding and bin management for efficient distribution of promotional marketing materials. You won’t have to manually bundle items together to make kits or worry about if an item will arrive on time for an event. Let us do the hard work for you.

  • Custom Packaging – One way to set yourself apart from the very beginning is by using custom packaging. Getting packaging with a nice, custom design on it is a little more eye-catching than just a normal brown box.
  • Kitting and Assembly – Kits are a great way to add variety to your gifts. They also work great for new hires and events. We can create kits for you to stock or build them as needed.
  • Delivery – All inventory products on our webstores ship out on the same day if ordered before 1:00 PM. When it comes to promotional product distribution, our efficient process lets you save you time and money.

So if you’re looking for a consistent promotional marketing supplier who will take the success of your brand personally, look no further – you’ve found us. Contact Us or fill out the form below.

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