Retro Promotional Items for Nostalgia Marketing Campaigns

Nostalgia marketing is making a big comeback. Restaurant brands like Burger King and A&W have used vintage-inspired branding and marketing campaigns to connect with younger customers interested in retro aesthetics and nostalgic comfort foods during these tumultuous times. During March Madness 2021, Coca-Cola launched a well-received multichannel campaign that incorporated footage of legendary NCAA basketball games.

Using nostalgia to evoke an emotional response from consumers is a classic marketing tactic that may be more effective now than ever before. According to a recent study conducted by Nielsen Music, regarding the impact that Covid-19 has had on the entertainment industry: “Consumers are craving comfort. Promoting uplifting or nostalgic content will fill this need and increase engagement.” Even in happier times, nostalgia marketing is a powerful and effective marketing strategy because it can evoke positive memories and strong, happy emotions in consumers. Research from the University of Southampton in the UK found that nostalgia increases optimism about the future. That may be why consumers are more likely to spend money when they are feeling nostalgic, according to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research (“Nostalgia Weakens the Desire for Money”).

Another reason that nostalgia marketing is such an effective strategy in 2021 is because it can be a great way to connect with Gen Z consumers, who are bringing back a multitude of retro fashion trends. Their ongoing interest in throwback styles from the 70s and 90s – and even their own recent past, the early 2000s – started prior to the pandemic. In fact, according to the BBC, vintage clothing may be a sustainable fashion trend that is here to stay.

With that in mind, we pulled together a list of our favorite retro promotional items for giveaways and events in 2021.

90s Retro Promotional Items

4-Color Process Ripstop Scrunchies – The perfect 90s-style accessory. The simple scrunchie, patented in 1987, became THE hair accessory of the 1990s. They recently made a comeback as an integral part of the VSCO girl aesthetic. Featuring a full-color sublimation imprint for beautiful branding, and lightweight ripstop nylon that won’t let you (or your hair) down.

retro promotional items - Glow in the Dark Yo Yo

Glow in the Dark Yo-Yo ➤ – The Yo-Yo is a classic toy that was especially popular in the 1990s. This custom glow-in-the-dark yo-yo, molded out of high-impact luminescent material, can bring a touch of childhood nostalgia to your giveaways, grab bags, and promotional events.

Good Value® Neon Fanny Pack – Fanny packs and bright neon fabrics were both in vogue in the 1990s. Perfect for outdoor festivals and concerts, this bright fanny pack will be sure to fit all your necessities!

Port Authority® Packable Puffy Vest and Port Authority® Ladies Packable Puffy Vest – Vests and puffer jackets were 90s fashion staples. This throwback puffer vest is the perfect branded apparel choice for Autumn. Available in 4 color combinations in both Men’s and Women’s sizes.

60s and 70s Retro Promotional Items

22″ Bandana with Stock Paisley Pattern – Paisley is a classic pattern that was especially popular in the 1960s. This large, hemmed paisley pattern 100% cotton bandana is multi-functional – use as a face mask alternative or wear as a headband. Available in red, black and blue.

retro promotional items - Tie Dye Truckers Hat

Continued Bagabond in Corduroy – Corduroy is in the house! The rich colors and beloved texture will bring a touch of nostalgia for the 1970s (when corduroy reached peak popularity) to your sales kit. Hobo-style bags, popular accessories in the 90s and early 2000s, are also on trend again. Everything old is new again; go ahead, hop on this trend!

Tie-Dye Adult Trucker Hat ➤ – The trucker hat trend of the early 2000s has started to make a comeback. The Boho/Bohemian aesthetic, including retro prints and patterns like tie-dye, is also currently popular with young consumers. This tie-dye patterned trucker hat merges both trends. This classic cap is available in 30+ color combinations.

Promotional Items for Retro Giveaways

Armin Retro Bluetooth Speaker – The Armin Retro Bluetooth Speaker delivers sound from the future with a retro turn table look. With a built-in 3 Watt Bluetooth Speaker, the Armin delivers premium wireless sound. With a built-in microphone and music control, the Armin can be used for a conference call. 20″ Micro USB Cable and premium 2-piece gift box is included.

retro promotional items - retro phone handset

Kolder Kaddy Velvet Neoprene – Sleek Velvet Neoprene gives this collapsible can insulator a vintage look.

Retro Phone Handset ➤ – The Retro Handset lets you easily convert your media device to an old school telephone. Adjust the volume or answer a call with the push of a button. Connects with a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Cinema Light Box Key-Light – The Cinema Light Box Key-Light is reminiscent of retro cinema signs. It includes stickers with 75 letters numbers and characters to create words and phrases. Also includes a split metal key ring.

J AMERICA Adult Vintage Zen Full-Zip Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt and J AMERICA Ladies’ Zen Full-Zip Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt – Acid-washed fabrics were popular in the 1960s, 1980s, and 1990s. This acid-washed fleece sweatshirt with front pouch pockets and dyed-to-match drawcord and hood provides a vintage look that your customers and employees will love. Available in Men’s sizes in 4 colors and Women’s sizes in 6 colors.

retro promotional items - retro golf club head cover

Callaway Vintage Driver Head Cover ➤ – With traditional styling and a form fitting design, these customizable Callaway Vintage Headcovers will look great on the golf clubs found in every player’s golf bag. Polyurethane Construction.

Alternative Unisex Slapshot Vintage Jersey T-Shirt – One of our favorite vintage promotional items, this classic fit jersey t-shirt features vintage athletic details on raglan sleeves and contrasting stripes on sleeve. Available in 6 color combinations.

You Dig?

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