3 Essential Corporate Gifting Platform Features for Large Companies

Corporate gifting programs are more essential than ever for large companies focused on retaining customers and employees. An effective corporate gifting platform – which automates and streamlines the gifting process – can be an important customer and employee retention tool. Corporate gifting platforms and services can also improve sales prospecting and corporate recruitment by making it easier to provide the right type of gifts to attract new customers and highly qualified job candidates.

What is a Corporate Gifting Platform?

A corporate gifting platform is a cloud-based application that simplifies the process of ordering and distributing customized corporate gifts. This includes sales prospecting gifts, corporate gifts for clients, company swag, and custom gifts for employees – such as personalized corporate apparel or gift cards.

A corporate gifting platform includes a web-based interface for gift ordering and inventory management. Some solutions, like BrandHub online company stores, also offer API integration tools.

Gifting Platform Features

Large businesses and multinational corporations have extensive and varied gifting needs – including employee incentive rewards, B2B gifting, and luxury gifts for VIPs and executives. This requires a robust corporate gifting platform capable of providing the best ROI possible.

An effective gifting platform that can fulfill the needs of a large company should provide certain essential features including:

1.) Tangible Gifts and Digital Gifts

Customer appreciation gifts, VIP and executive gifts, personalized gifts for clients, recruitment and onboarding gifts, work anniversary gifts, employee incentive gifts, and corporate holiday gifts…that’s a lot for a company to manage in one year. In addition, one size does not fit all when it comes to your corporate gifting needs. You certainly can’t send an e-gift card to a board member…yet gift cards can make effective employee incentives. An effective corporate gifting platform should let your company choose from a wide range of premium gifts that will help your business make authentic connections with leads, prospects, customers, and employees.

Corporate Gifting Platform Features

That’s why your corporate gifting platform should provide access to both digital gifts like gift cards as well as a wide range of customizable tangible gifts and promotional products including luxury gifts, branded t-shirts and apparel, custom gift boxes, food gifts, tech products, and more.

2.) Optional Choice-Based Gifting

The best corporate gifting platform for your business will provide a choice-based gifting option. Choice-based gifting is a rising corporate gifting trend that lets your VIP customers, sales prospects, and employees select their own gifts. Choice-based gifting can make the corporate gifting process more efficient, reduce costs, and cut down on environmental waste.

That’s why a corporate gifting platform should include a secure user-friendly, responsive web-based interface that recipients can access to choose their own gifts. Built-in features like role-based access control, spending accounts, promo codes, and gift cards help ensure everyone gets what they want.

3.) Customization and Scalability

The best corporate gifting platform for a large company should be robust, scalable, and fully customizable. As your company grows, your gifting needs will likely vary. That’s why choosing a platform that can perform multiple functions is crucial. In addition, a corporate gifting platform should always be built to support your unique gifting program, as out-of-the-box software always has its limitations. Choosing flexible, scalable technology, which can be continually shaped to meet your organization’s specific needs, ensures your platform grows along with your corporate gifting program.

A Gifting Platform that Provides Everything you Need – And More

A custom BrandHub online company store makes it easy to select from a wide range of corporate gifts – including custom gift boxes and swag packs or gift cards – to give to your customers, employees, and sales prospects. Or use promo codes to let them choose their own gifts to reduce waste and provide better incentives for employees.

A full corporate gifting solution, Metron Branding also provides inventory storage and fulfillment – which means no on-site inventory to manage – as well as the gifting services required by large multinational corporations such as screen printing and embroidery, kitting/bundling, custom packaging, and international delivery.

As a one-stop shop for all your gifting and branded merchandise needs, a BrandHub online company store can be customized to function as a:

To learn more about how our gifting platform and services can elevate your corporate gifting program in 2022, Contact Metron Branding for a consultation.