Promotional Products Strategy for Virtual Annual Meetings

Like conferences, trade shows, and other traditionally in-person events, many annual meetings have been postponed, cancelled, or converted into virtual events in 2021. Tech businesses in North Carolina, manufacturers in Minnesota, and companies of all types everywhere are contending with limits on unnecessary travel and stay-at-home orders as they seek to reinforce organizational culture by gathering up their employees for an intentional launch into the next 12 months. We hold events—such as annual kickoff meetings—to mark special occasions because the day-to-day humdrum can create a ceaselessly plodding rhythm, so it is important that these events are memorable and do not simply add to humdrum.

Promotional Products Case Study: Precisely SKO

Branded Gift Boxes for Employee Meetings

Precisely, a new data management software company formed when Syncsort and Pitney Bowes Software & Data combined, has thousands of employees in nearly 20 countries. They have an annual sales meeting called the Precisely SKO (Sales Kick Off) designed to bring their workforce together under one roof for an indelible event that builds camaraderie among a diverse and scattered workforce while fostering a sense of equality among them. When travel restrictions, strict lockdown measures, and social distancing guidelines were imposed around the globe in 2020, it became clear that this important event for Precisely would have to be done differently. So they turned to Metron Branding for help in developing “SKO in a Box” for 2021.

The SKO in a Box was a package of branded merchandise sent before the event designed to help foster on-screen connections between employees. Knowing that the best way to connect with a workforce working from home is a gift bag filled with customized products that serves as a physical manifestation of the brand, we worked with them to understand the experience they hoped each employee would encounter.

In the end, SKO 2021 was a hit and SKO in a Box was so successful, it has become a permanent part of their new hire process and is used for other company events. Click here to learn more about Metron Branding’s work with Precisely.

Branded Swag Improves Virtual Meetings

We think this promotional products strategy did so well because we focused on providing an outside-of-the-box solution for selecting  the right gifts, ensuring they were consistently made and distributed in a timely manner, all while hitting cost targets without sacrificing the quality of the gifts for employees.

  • Custom Branded Product Guidance – We recommended a number of kit content options with the latest branded swag their employees were sure to love, giving them an opportunity to mix and match their favorites to refine the contents of the gift box even further.
  • Single Source Production for Consistency – When it comes to brand image, consistency matters and it was important to Precisely that their brand image was not only presented well on each promotional gift in the box, but also that each employee’s box was identical to the others. To ensure this level of consistency throughout the production and kitting process, we used a single producer to build this project.
  • Timely Global Deliveries Supported by Regional Distribution – Shipping small parcels globally is a process prone to a seemingly endless stream of potential errors and delays as they pass from agency to agency over national borders. It was important to Precisely that each kit arrived nearly simultaneously, so we minimized potential variables with freight delivery to regional distribution points before they were broken down into individual small parcels.
  • Cost Targets Met Without Sacrificing Quality – With our focus on single source manufacturing and regional shipping points, we were able to provide a kit full of high quality branded products that would impress while meeting pre-defined cost targets.

Promotional Products Strategy for Virtual Annual Meetings

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