The BrandHub Admin Panel

Everybody can understand the joy of being helped by someone else, it’s the main reason why our clients love us so much! We build our company stores to take the work from the client’s hands and have it handled by us. But sometimes, you want the control to do things your way. That’s where the BrandHub admin panel comes into play.

What’s the BrandHub Admin Panel?

Glad you asked! The BrandHub admin panel is a special portal admin users can access that lets them do things normal users cannot. A login separate from your store login is created for you and any other admin users. First things first, let’s go over what you can do in the BrandHub admin panel.

  • Add/Edit/Delete Budgets and Gift Cards
  • Add/Edit/Delete Users
  • Add/Edit/Delete Discounts
  • View Orders
  • View/Edit/Approve/Decline Pending Orders
  • View Products
  • View Reports

To keep things brief, you get everything you need to manage your store the way you want it. But don’t worry, it gets even better. Not only do you get access to all that but you can mix and match permissions and roles. Let’s say you want your marketing team to only have access to view reports and manage users. We’ll set you up with a separate admin account for the marketing team containing those specific permissions and you’re good to go! With this, you can make sure every department that needs to be involved only has access to what they need.

I Want My Admin Panel and I Want It Now

Alright alright, we know you’re looking at that list and you’re getting ready to jump out of your chair to get started. Calm down. Take a deep breath. Fill out an online company store consultation and find out how we can get your company store started today!