The Power of Variable Data – Streamline Your Company Store

Online company stores are a bastion for those looking to optimize their company’s order process. Most company stores simplify the order process for items such as branded clothing and office items. You simply select a color, size, or other variant (logo, logo placement, etc), add the item to your cart, and proceed to checkout. But what if, rather than selecting from a pre-established list of variables, you could create your own? That’s exactly what our variable data system allows you to do. It gives you the freedom to upload your own picture or write whatever text you want to see on your product and have a proof show up immediately. If you’re happy with how it looks, you simply add it to your cart and proceed to checkout as per usual. It’s that simple. This system is especially useful for business cards and other printing materials, as this allows your users to input their own information to create a unique product just for them. Check out some of the variable product examples below to see how you can use variable data with your company store.

Business Cards

The Power of Variable Data - Streamline Your Company Store 1

Business cards are our most popular variable data product, making it easier for companies to order business cards for their employees. As mentioned previously, everything from the logo to the text can be changed, speeding up the typically slow business card reorder process.

Spec Sheets & Sales Flyers

Variable Data Sheet - Online Company Store

Variable data works great with sales sheets and spec flyers. It allows a sales rep to attach their unique SKU numbers and contact information to ensure they’re able to get their commission for a sale.


Variable Data Signs - Online Company Store

Signs are a great sales and advertising tool for many industries. For example, realtors use variable data signs to power their marketing campaigns all across their agent network.

Start Your Variable Data Company Store Today

All the above are easily customizable and orderable through an online company store thanks to the power of variable data. Find out how Metron Branding can supercharge your online company store with variable data products or any one of our other online company store enhancements. Looking for an example with your company? Get started with a online company store demo or contact us online or by phone (248-545-4444)