Our Favorite Branded Merch 1

Our Favorite Branded Merch

Since COVID hit we’ve all had some extra time, maybe it was only a little bit, but hey, time is time. In addition, we have been able to slow down a bit and reflect, where we’ve been, where we are going, our successes and failures. We wanted to share some of ours, but since there is a lot of negativity nowadays, you probably don’t want to hear any more sad stories. So, we decided to round up some of our favorite branded merchandise of ALL TIME and share them with you. Let us know what you think on social media! Which is your favorite? Who knows, maybe your merch will be included in one of our future lists!!

Our Favorite Branded Merch 2

This bag came about as a part of a gift set that we sent out a little while ago to our customers, as a thank you. We wanted something that was unique and fun and the ‘tuck ‘n toss’ bag was just what we were looking for. The name comes from its ability to fold up and tuck into a little pocket, perfect for last-minute groceries, etc. The design abilities are endless, which allowed us to decorate the bag to be uniquely ours’. As a bonus, it is durable and reusable, which makes it good for the environment when used in place of single-use plastic or paper bags. P.S. the Metron Staff uses their tuck ‘n toss bags all time and we love them!!

Our Favorite Branded Merch 3

So you may be wondering what this tiny capsule labeled ‘Asure’ is hiding. Unless reading is not your thing and you just look at the pictures, in which case, you already know what is inside. If you have been reading, good for you! Anyways, let’s get to the point, this little tin holds mints. Not very dramatic until you realize that these are custom-molded to Asure’s logo and were used as giveaways at a tradeshow. Kudos to Asure for making a great fresh impression on their customers;)

Our Favorite Branded Merch 4

Our Favorite Branded Merch 5Mango Languages channeled their inner child when designing this special piece of merch for their company store. It is a stuffed Mango modeled after their logo, a Mango. It included a Mango branded tag with their logo on it, which made it truly unique to their brand. Since then, they have rebranded their company to be bolder than it was previously. However, we had to bring this project out of the archives because a custom stuffed figure appeals to everyone, no matter how old you are. In our opinion, its a sweet idea!

Our Favorite Branded Merch 6We hope you enjoyed our round-up of best-branded merch of all time and if you’ve got a crazy idea for merch, we want to hear it! Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and as we mentioned, maybe it will be included in one of our future lists!

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