Wellness Swag – 23 Healthy Giveaway Ideas to Promote Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Updated April 2023

Mind-body wellness is a top priority for a growing number of U.S. adults. Recent research – including the 2023 US Mindbody Wellness Index – indicates that Americans are becoming more health conscious. A nationwide survey conducted by Ipsos, a marketing research firm, found that “62% of Americans agree that their health is more important to them now than before the COVID-19 pandemic.” Immune system health and mental wellness are of particular importance to a significant percentage of Americans right now, especially women.

Health and wellness swag is a cost-effective way for businesses to make a meaningful connection with health-conscious customers, sales prospects, and employees. Wellness promotional products – aka swag – can help demonstrate your regard for the emotional and physical wellbeing of your staff and customers – and provide them with incentives and tools to support their wellness journey.

How do Companies use Wellness Swag?

Many businesses use wellness swag to motivate their employees and promote healthy habits and self-care in the workplace. Some companies gift wellness kits to employees as incentives or rewards for participating in workplace wellness programs. Wellness gifts for employees like aromatherapy candles and stress relief kits can also help promote mental health initiatives in the workplace. And high end swag like custom fitness trackers or smart watches and name brand athletic apparel and accessories are healthy gifts for staff that can be used as wellness prizes for employee health fairs.

Established healthcare companies – as well as startups in the rapidly growing health & wellness industry – also need creative, healthy giveaways for direct mailing campaigns, health fairs, and other community events.

What’s the Best Swag for Health & Wellness Promotions?

Bestselling, customizable health & wellness swag includes sports water bottles, yoga & fitness mats, running armbands, sun visors, moisture-wicking performance wear, hiking backpacks, cooling towels, massage foam rollers, stress toys, and adult coloring books. These popular and affordable promotional health products also work well in a wellness swag bag or health fair goodie bag.

To help your company select useful and affordable health & wellness promotional items for giveaways and employee gifts, we put together a list of the best wellness swag ideas for 2023. Each of these promotional products are high-quality and on-trend; they can also be customized with your company logo and colors to promote brand awareness and loyalty.

Healthy Giveaway Ideas to Promote Nutrition & Hydration

These high-quality promotional products can be used for health and wellness swag giveaways. They can also be included in wellness kits for employees to promote healthy eating and adequate hydration at work!

HidrateSpark Steel 17 Oz. Bottle with Straw Lid

A creative corporate wellness swag idea for 2023. The HidrateSpark Steel 17 Oz. Straw Lid features an LED Smart Sensor which glows to remind you when it’s time to drink and tracks your water intake by syncing via Bluetooth to the free smartphone app. It also features a rechargeable battery and includes a charging cable. This BPA-free, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel bottle is designed to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours. Customize the bottle by choosing between unique glow colors and exciting light patterns available within the HidrateSpark app.

Bring Your Own: New Year, New You Set

Carefully constructed from materials like bamboo fiber fabric and BPA-free plastic, this lunch cooler set is perfect for healthy lunches at work or while traveling! Set includes a bamboo box cooler with adjustable cotton webbing shoulder strap; bento lunch box; complete utensil set; and separate dressing/sauce container.

wellness swag healthy giveaways - hydration sling bag

Hydration Sling Bag

Stay healthy and hydrated anywhere you go with a customizable hydration sling bag. Ideal for carrying a water bottle and small items like snacks and keys while exercising outdoors

Moleskine Passion Wellness Journal in Willow Green

The Wellness Journal by Moleskine is designed to grow into a permanent and uniquely customized record of your nutrition, fitness, and wellness journey, tracking all your healthy lifestyle goals along the way. The introductory pages are full of nutrition & physical fitness tips, while four dedicated and structured sections allow you to divide your progress between Diet, Fitness, Personal Wellness Goals, and Health & Care.  

TANAMI 27 oz. Sports Shaker Bottle

This handy sports shaker makes it easy to mix up pre-and-post workout protein shakes. An ideal promotional item for an active, athletic crowd. Add your company logo to make it your own.

Fitness Swag Bag Ideas

Some great fitness swag ideas for physical therapy and fitness centers, chiropractors, and wellness companies include:

Skullcandy Push Active True Wireless Sport Earbuds

These wireless sports earbuds by Skullcandy are built to fit without falling out. With hands-free voice control, flexible over-ear hooks, and superior water and sweat resistance, they are the ultimate audio partner for long outdoor adventures. The Push Active technology provides up to 44 hours of total battery life. With rapid charge, 10 minutes of charging provides two extra hours of playback. Includes the Skull-iQ smart feature tech which allows you to control your audio, accept/reject calls, and more via simple voice commands.

wellness swag healthy giveaways - fitness tote

Fitness Tote Bag

Fitness tote bags are ideal for storing and transporting gym gear and clothes. Add your brand logo and colors to one of these functional and fashionable designs.

Fitness Towel

Sometimes the best swag for effective giveaways is the simplest. Fitness towels are perfectly sized for any activity! They can also be worn as a bandana.

Resistance Band

Muscle-building resistance bands are increasingly popular with consumers. This set provides three different levels of resistance (light, medium, and heavy) and includes an instruction manual and customizable carrying pouch.

Fitness & Yoga Mat

Customizable yoga mats are one of the best wellness giveaway ideas for health fairs in 2023. That’s because many American adults have added yoga to their fitness routines to support their physical and mental wellbeing.

Oasis 3-Piece Massage & Recovery Kit

Relax and recover from any activity, trip, or long day with the Oasis 3-Piece Massage and Recovery Kit. Included in the kit are all the essential pieces needed to increase blood flow, prevent injury, reduce muscle pain, and assist muscle recovery. Includes a soft TPE spikey ball, PVC solid ball, and muscle roller stick in a convenient carrying bag.

Mental Health Swag and Office Wellness Products

Wellness in the workplace is always a priority for employers that want to improve employee retention and productivity. Job fields that require significant emotional labor – including customer service, sales, management, education, and nursing – can often lead to job burnout and decreased productivity.

In conjunction with stress management and workplace wellness programs, mental health gifts for employees like aromatherapy kits and stress relief desk toys can help promote a healthy work environment. These thoughtful, customizable employee wellness swag gifts will help them practice crucial self-care and avoid burnout at work.

Moment of Calm Gift Set in Kraft Gift Box

Gift boxes for remote employees should contain useful and unique items that promote wellness and productivity at home or while traveling for business. This work from home care package is full of stress relievers including the Relax & Restore Sound Machine that offers 24 soothing and relaxing sounds that brings a calming energy to your surroundings and a lavender grow kit to nurture and enjoy. This gift arrives in our recyclable kraft gift box and also includes the Relax & Restore Blackout Eye Mask.

wellness swag healthy giveaways - packable hammock

Sebago Packable Hammock

Communing with nature is key to holistic health, boosting your immune health, and improving your  happiness and wellbeing. Give them the gift of outdoor relaxation with this travel-friendly, packable hammock in navy and gray.

Zen on the Go Aromatherapy Set

Calming aromatherapy scents like rosemary, chamomile, and lavender can reduce anxiety and improve sleep. This de-stress aromatherapy set includes a USB essential oil diffuser with clear case, a selection of relaxing essential oil blends, and a carrying pouch. An attractively packaged, affordable, therapeutic gift set for promoting good mental health and wellbeing at work.

Modern Sprout Find Balance Take Care Aloe Kit

This grounding aloe kit includes aloe seeds, a desktop planter pot, and lemongrass & clary sage essential oil aroma diffuser. Just add water to start growing your own soothing aloe plant. This self-care focused gift set is ideal for creative wellness giveaways. Our guide to Wellness-Themed Gift Boxes also features an expertly curated botanical kit by Modern Sprout.

Weighted Eye Mask

Say goodbye to stress with this dreamy weighted eye mask. Weighted eye masks block out light and provide soothing pressure to your eyes to help you fall asleep quicker. This mask can be used as a cool compress and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything that is thrown your way. Filled with fragrance-free lentils.

Inexpensive Wellness Swag Gifts for Wellness Goodie Bags

These affordable and useful health and wellness promotional items are perfect for custom swag packs, wellness swag bags, and employee wellness gift boxes. They’re also ideal for health fair giveaways:

Jelly Smacker Stress Ball with Sound

Looking for a fun, inexpensive item that promotes mental health awareness and stress management? This brightly colored stress ball makes a signature smacking sound when you squeeze it. It’s one of our favorite wellness gift ideas for employees.

Available in bright translucent colors like Tangerine Orange and Lime Green.

Yoga Stretch Band

Healthcare promotional items like exercise accessories are inexpensive yet have mass appeal. The Yoga Stretch Band is a small workout accessory that adds resistance while stretching to build strength. The stretch band features two handles with a locking feature on the handle for easy storage.

Sun Pack Gift Set

One of our top wellness swag bag ideas for summer promotions and an essential addition to health kits for employees. The Sun Pack Gift Set contains SPF 15 Lip Balm, 1 Oz. Aloe Gel, 1 Oz. SPF 30 Sunscreen, and 1 Oz. Hand Lotion in a clear, white mesh bag. Sunscreen scent options include unscented and coconut breeze. Lotion scent options: unscented, coconut lemongrass, rain, and vanilla passion.

wellness swag healthy giveaways - jogstrap

Jogstrap Neoprene Smartphone/iPod Holder

Adjustable elastic armband phone holder for jogging or running. Fits most popular touchscreen smart phones. Made from high-quality neoprene (wetsuit material).

Trek 8-Piece Waterproof First Aid Kit

Looking for a health fair idea to promote beach safety? The Trek 8-Piece Waterproof First Aid Kit makes a terrific water safety giveaway. This mini first aid kit is stored in a flip-top waterproof floating container with a metal mini-carabiner. The kit includes 2 adhesive bandages, 2 antiseptic wipes, 1 hand sanitizer packet, 2 SPF 30 sunscreen packets, and 1 aloe/after sun care packet. Sunscreen does not contain octinoxate or oxybenzone.

Hot/Cold Rectangular Gel Bead Pad

Reusable hot and cold packs make inexpensive yet effective promotional products for healthcare giveaways. This therapeutic hot or cold gel bead pack can be used as a hot or cold compress. Microwave for heat therapy or freeze for cold therapy.

Natural Peppermint Lip Balm Made with Certified Organic Ingredients

This peppermint flavor natural lip moisturizer is made with certified organic ingredients. Packaged in a clear tube, this organic lip balm is USA Made in an FDA registered facility.

Wellness Swag for Healthy Giveaways

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