Health and Wellness Promotional Items for Healthcare Providers

Health and wellness promotional items have never been more popular. Promotional product sales in the healthcare market increased by 4% in 2020. During the first half of 2021, stickers, buttons and syringe-shaped pens were commonly used as promotional giveaways at Covid-19 vaccination drives to help bring awareness to U.S. vaccination efforts. Health clinics, including urgent medical care clinics, dental practices, and hospital systems continue to use lightweight, inexpensive promotional items such as refrigerator calendars and magnets in direct mail marketing campaigns designed to boost brand awareness and capture new market share in their communities. Self-care and wellness-themed promotional products – such as fitness and workout kits; spa, relaxation, and aromatherapy sets; and nutrition/health journals – were popular employee gifts for healthcare workers and other staff to improve workplace morale during a stressful, emotionally taxing year.

With health and wellness promotional item spending projected to grow in 2021 and beyond, we decided to take a look at some of the insightful ways that savvy healthcare businesses are using promotional products to increase their market share and improve brand awareness as U.S. consumers become increasingly interested in health and wellness. We also examined how hospitals and companies in the healthcare industry can use promotional products to help improve employee morale at a time when nurse and physician burnout is higher than ever.

Mental Health Promotional Items and Promotional Products for Telehealth Marketing

health and wellness promotional items for telehealth growth

Distributing useful promotional items, such as pens, notepads, drinkware and apparel, is a cost-effective way to capture new business in the growing behavioral health industry and U.S. telehealth services market. Behavioral health services and telemedicine both experienced significant growth during the Covid-19 pandemic. Healthcare delivery will continue to change over the next two decades. According to Deloitte, “By 2040, a major portion of care, prevention, and well-being services will shift to virtual settings.” In the near future, telebehavioral health and telemental health services (aka online therapy or telepsychology) in particular are likely to continue to grow exponentially to meet an increased demand for both mental health services and virtual health services in the U.S.

Telehealth programs can help increase new or retained patient volume, in part by reaching new patients living in remote locations and streamlining delivery of care to homebound patients and patients with transportation barriers. Dynamic healthcare clinics and systems that offer telehealth and behavioral health services would do well to capitalize on the growing need for such services by distributing promotional products that help advertise these in-demand services. Promotional product giveaways at health fairs and community events are a tangible way to deliver information about your company’s services to your target demographics. Best of all, promotional products have a low cost-per-impression, offer strong ROI and are favored by consumers over other forms of advertising such as digital marketing and television ads.

Promotional items that include your company’s contact information – such as pens, sticky notes and notepads, letter openers, and calendars – are the best type of health and wellness swag for healthcare promotions. Additional health and wellness promotional items that our customers love right now include the BIC Graphic® Med-Tracker Planner, an organizer for healthcare/insurance cards and other health information, safety and first aid kits, face mask lanyards, mask buddy elastic headbands, heart-shaped stress balls, and customizable bandage dispensers.

Improve Employee Morale with Company Swag Distributed via a BrandHub Online Company Store

health and wellness promotional items for employees

With healthcare worker burnout at all-time highs, astute businesses in the healthcare industry are looking for inexpensive ways to help reward workers for their efforts and improve employee retention. As we mentioned in our article about incentive gifts for employees, letting your staff choose their own rewards is an essential component of the most effective, morale-boosting employee incentive programs. In addition, recent research indicating that physical activity helps reduce healthcare worker burnout points to the benefits of increasing spending on employee wellness initiatives and fitness/wellness employee appreciation gifts in 2021 as healthcare workers attempt to recover from pandemic-related stress and fatigue. Combined with more traditional benefits like hazard pay/pay raises and extra vacation leave for nurses, doctors, and other frontline healthcare staff, this strategy could help hospitals and other healthcare businesses reduce employee turnover in 2021 and beyond.

A BrandHub online company store for employees can help. An online company store for employees is the most cost-effective way to distribute employee incentive program rewards, wellness program incentives and employee appreciation gifts. Staff can use promo codes to redeem gift cards and branded merchandise such as apparel, accessories, tech products, and gift cards from a secure, online portal. Online company stores also help streamline the process of ordering, storing, and distributing branded PPE and employee uniforms. With online store hosting and configuration provided for you by Metron Branding, a BrandHub company store will save your administrative staff from spending valuable time on store and inventory management.

Health and Wellness Promotional Items Work

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