Online Company Stores for Tourism & Hospitality – Best 3 Features

Fall Giveaway Ideas Online Company Stores for Tourism Hospitality

According to this U.S. Travel Association Fact Sheet, 9 million jobs in 2019 were directly supported by domestic and international travelers in the United States with a total of 15.8 million American jobs supported by the seventh largest employer in the private sector – travel. Just consider this list of things we found that are … Read more

3 Reasons Why an Online Company Store is an Essential Real Estate Marketing Tool

Online Company Store - Essential Real Estate Marketing Tool

Both physical marketing collateral and digital marketing assets are vital components of a comprehensive and effective real estate marketing strategy. An online company store is a useful real estate marketing tool for the 21st century – a custom ecommerce platform that your real estate team can use to manage all of your personalized marketing materials … Read more

Mobile Responsive Online Company Stores Optimized for Search

Mobile Responsive Online Company Stores Optimized for Search

A BrandHub Online Company Store is a powerful branded merchandise portal for simplifying the management and distribution of promotional items by empowering internal and external stakeholders with a capacity for self-service. They can also be used to generate revenue, giving new and existing customers an opportunity to share their love of your brand with the … Read more

Distribute Digital Marketing Assets to Customers & Employees with BrandHub Online Company Stores

Distribute Digital Marketing Assets

A BrandHub Online Company Store is the easiest way to manage and distribute digital marketing assets for your company or organization. There is no simpler way to ensure that appropriate sales materials can be quickly and securely accessed by their intended audience from anywhere, at any time. More than just a place to make branded … Read more

Uploads & Downloads with Your Online Company Store: Make your Users Happy

upload download products company store

Allowing users the ability to upload and download files in your company store is a powerful tool. Not only are uploads used for variable data products, they can also let the user attach a file to their order. For example, if one user was purchasing a card for another user, they could attach a digital … Read more

Site Design: An Important Part of Online Company Stores

online company store design

At Metron Branding, we care about getting you the very best online company store. We’ve proven this again and again and again. When it comes to creating any type of site, design is one of the most important parts to think about. A modern site needs to be responsive, easy to navigate, and, for an … Read more

Promo Codes, Budgets, and More: Reward Your Online Company Store Users

online company store promo codes

One of the big benefits of an online company store is the ability to easily reward your employees. With a Metron Branding online company store, you gain access to a variety of methods that will help you give your employees what they deserve. Promo codes, spending accounts and gift cards can all be easily set … Read more

The Power of Variable Data – Streamline Your Company Store

variable data streamline company store min

Online company stores are a bastion for those looking to optimize their company’s order process. Most company stores simplify the order process for items such as branded clothing and office items. You simply select a color, size, or other variant (logo, logo placement, etc), add the item to your cart, and proceed to checkout. But … Read more

Implementing Single Sign-On with your Online Company Store

Online Company Store Single Sign On

Metron Branding is happy to announce a new feature to make your online company store experience even better. Welcome single sign-on (SSO) to the party. Single sign-on is a authentication service that allows a user to use one set of login credentials (for example, user id and password) to access multiple sites. With a SSO … Read more

The Complete Guide to Online Company Stores

precisely online company stores

Online company stores are the best way to manage your branded merchandise. They serve as the easiest way for employees to access branded materials, from apparel to printing materials. We’ve been writing about online company stores for a while now so we’ve decided to put all our knowledge and resources about them in one place. … Read more