Online Company Store Single Sign On

Implementing Single Sign-On with your Online Company Store

Metron Branding is happy to announce a new feature to make your online company store experience even better. Welcome single sign-on (SSO) to the party. Single sign-on is a authentication service that allows a user to use one set of login credentials (for example, user id and password) to access multiple sites. With a SSO system in place, you can login to your company’s site, then navigate to your company store, and stay logged in the entire time. This makes your shopping experience that much more efficient and it makes managing user credentials for admins that much easier. Our system doesn’t require the user to already be created on the store; it simply creates the user on-the-fly. In comparison to a more basic method such as query string logon, our system can be encrypted and is able to send a notification email to an admin user whenever a new user is created.

Getting Started

Setting up SSO for your company store is simple.

  1. We create a template URL that logs a user into the store. The application’s behavior is customizable.  We can notify a user upon new user creation or control application behavior when a user’s session ends, such as redirecting them to a certain URL or closing the window upon logout. If the user doesn’t exist, they’ll be created on-the-fly. If the user does exist, they’ll be signed on as a returning user.
  2. You take the fancy URL we give you and format it according to the values you want to pass (don’t worry, we’ll help if you need it!)
  3. Set up the links across your site and that’s it!

Ensure your company store supports SSO with Metron Branding

At Metron Branding, we care about your company store. From writing a complete guide to online company stores to providing a free company store consultation, we want you to have the very best company store experience possible. To get started with your online company store, contact Metron Branding via phone at 248-545-4444 or online.