Learn Why You Should Use Promotional Products to Promote your Business

Promotional products are an essential part of any business looking to promote itself. It’s important to choose the right promotional products to suit your business and what you are looking for. There are two major concerns to think about when choosing what products will work with your business. First is what type of business you are and what product/service you offer. A branded tire gauge would be an odd choice for an award-winning Italian restaurant to give out as it has nothing to do with the product/service they offer. The second factor would be the target market. If the restaurant has a large number of mechanics and other auto workers as regular customers, the tire gauge could appeal to them and win their favor next time they’re looking for a place to eat. Striking a balance between these two separates the good promotional campaigns from the great.

An Example of Smart Promotional Strategy

RPB came to us looking for help with their marketing campaign. They had recently come out with a respirator recycling promotion, offering $100 towards the purchase of an RPB product to customers who sent in their old respirator to RPB for recycling. We suggested using a money clip, and placing a tri-fold leaflet printed as currency in the clip. A full color mini-brochure was printed with details of the promotion on the back side, and an RPB money depiction on the front. This was placed in a silver money clip engraved with the RPB logo. A simple idea, yet one that clearly communicated the message the company was trying to deliver. Making your marketing campaigns understandable from a glance is a key advantage of using promotional products. As for the outcome of RPB’s project? There was a huge rush of competitor products that were traded in for RPB’s own products as a result of the tempting offer. The lookalike money helped the customer understand the value of what they would receive if they took advantage of the offer.

Learn Why You Should Use Promotional Products to Promote your Business 1

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