Which Promotional Products are Most Effective in 2017?

Your promotional budget has been carved out and it’s finally time to start spending. But you must answer one question before you can start emptying the coffers: which promotional products are most effective in 2017? Find out by reading our post today and make sure to check out Metron Branding for all of your promotional needs.


Sports apparel is always big year-round. From juggernauts like Nike and Adidas to smaller brands such as Sport-Tek and Team365, promotional sports apparel is especially popular with businesses and events. Anyone can easily find a use for a performance t-shirt or jacket as they can be worn to work out, do yard work, and more. Currently, we’d recommend a nice quality performance polo, such as the Nike Golf Dri-Fit Micro Pique Polo Shirt.


Drinkware is a big part of any promotional strategy. Everyone loves receiving bottles, cups, or other types of drinkware because they make convenient holders of hot and cold drinks alike. Putting your brand front and center gets it in front of many eyes as users typically carry their branded drinkware around wherever they go. A popular and trending product right now are rubberized bottles.


Headwear is an effective tool for any type of promotional campaign, especially seasonal campaigns in the fall and winter. Whether it’s cold outside and you need a beanie to cover your head from the frigid cold, or you need a cap to shield your eyes from the sun, Metron Branding is here to help. Caps such as the Nike Golf Dri-FIT Swoosh Perforated Cap do a great job of reducing sun glare while keeping your head cool. Winter hats, such as beanies and toques, keep your warm regardless of how cold it is outside.

It’s easy to get your promotional product strategy started with Metron Branding. Check out our trending promotional products and contact Metron Branding today to get your promotional project started.